Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jermaine Dupri begins So So Def comeback

Before the Atlanta takeover of hip hop, Jermaine Dupri was experiencing success with his So So Def label. But, once the takeover began and he added Bow Wow to the label, things took off. The label never had the success of Bad Boy or Roc-A-Fella, but So So Def was very successful. However, following Jermaine Dupri's move to Def Jam, the label has run into hard times.

In 2006, Jermaine Dupri accepted a role with Island Records and a role with Def Jam. It was up to Dupri to turn Island Records into a force in the hip hop game. There was one act signed to Island under his run, but no album was ever released. For Def Jam, he brought them a rapper from New York, Q da Kid, but he was never given a chance, either.

Because most of his efforts were going into rebuilding Island Def Jam, the So So Def label struggled. Under the terms of his deal, So So Def entered a distribution deal with Island Def Jam. But, because Jermaine Dupri was forced to build Island Def Jam before he turned his attention to his own label, So So Def struggled and Dupri was let go by the label in 2008.

Towards the close of 2008, Jermaine Dupri returned the label to Virgin Records, but he has yet to put a new artist out. Now that he is back to the old home of So So Def, Jermanie Dupri has the freedom to focus on his label. For the past two years, he has been setting the deal up and now it is time for him to make a move. He plans to do just that as he has signed a new flagship artist for the So So Def crew. Recently, Jermaine Dupri signed Jola to his label.


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