Monday, March 29, 2010

Khia takes on Nicki Minaj

Recently, Khia spoke on the new female rappers in the game. More than any other female, she talked about Nicki Minaj. Khia would also take some time away from dissing Minaj to take a swipe at her longtime rival, Trina. Speaking on her recent nude photo leak, Khia poked fun at her. She said that she gagged when she saw the photos.

Khia also took stabs at black gossip websites, Media Takeout and Bossip. She said that she is a lot like them. When she speaks on something, she tries to make it funny. Khia did acknowledge that they often tease her because of her sagging breasts. Able to laugh about it, she said that they speak on that because they have nothing else on her.

After declaring the jokes about her breasts dead, Khia returned her attention to Nicki Minaj. She said that the only reason that people like her is because of the fact that Lil Wayne likes her. Khia praised her acting skills and questioned if she majored in drama. She said that hip hop is supposed to be real and she feels that Nicki is fake.

Khia made the point to let everyone know that she has been real from the start. But, focusing on the Barbie image that Nicki Minaj portrays, Khia said that she did not know about too many Barbies coming from the hood.


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