Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remembering Eazy-E, a True Legend

Without Eazy-E, rap would not be the same rap as it is currently known. Before he led the West Coast to the top of the charts, all of the charts, rap was dominated by simplistic rhymes. Never would Eazy-E be considered as a lyricist, but he was a true storyteller. Rap was previously known as a freeform style of music where you simply talk to the people.

Eazy-E gave birth to the storytelling of the West Coast. As soon as rap went nationwide, there were rappers from everywhere. The only problem was that rappers not from New York could not get a deal. All over the West Coast, particularly Compton, there were plenty of good rappers. Always business-minded, Eazy-E was able to unite all of these rappers. Through his group, NWA, he made history.

The businessman in Eazy-E led to the rise and fall of his brainchild in Ruthless Records. First, his business mind led to the creation of the group and a lot of money for everyone involved. Then, when the contracts were to be signed, he tried to cheat the members of his group. Because of that, he found himself without the lead rapper in Ice Cube. Later, he would also be without Dr. Dre, the only producer of the crew. Upon the departure of Dre, he would receive a portion of all of the profits from Death Row Records, but they ended up ruining the credibility and the career of Eazy-E.

Eazy-E would end his feud with Ice Cube not long before his death. Following their reconciliation, he announced that he was infected with the AIDS virus. As he laid on his deathbed, Dr. Dre would visit him in the hospital. He spoke with Eazy and ended his own personal issues with his former friend. However, Dre is unaware if Eazy-E ever heard him or felt the same way about the situation. Despite the things that he did in business, Eric Lynn Wright laid the groundwork for what hip hop music would become. Without him, rhymes would still be simple and storytellers, such as The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z would have never come to be.


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