Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mack 10 begins post-Westside Connection career

Soon after Westside Connection reunited, there were rumors of internal feuding. Despite how close they appeared, Mack 10 and Ice Cube were having problems. Even with all of the rumors, the trio stuck together to promote Terrorist Threats. Their promotion resulted in a Gold plaque.

However, once the spotlight was off of the crew, the feud went public. In 2005, Mack 10 let it be known exactly how he felt about Ice Cube. Ice Cube would respond to his disses and the feud was set in motion. Not only did Westside Connection effectively end following this, but Mack 10's solo career also took a hit.

Until last year, he had not released an album since the 2005 fallout with Ice Cube. Now, with the New Year already four months old, Mack 10 is reclaiming his career. He has a new solo album set for release this year, but his primary focus is his album with Glasses Malone. Malone is one of the many newer artists from the West that have an issue with Ice Cube. Specualtion points to this being the main reason that Mack 10 united with Malone.

Their new album is titled Money Muzik and the first single, "Girls Everywhere," was released earlier today. The new album will be coming out sometime before the end of this year. All of these albums will be released on his Hoo Bangin' Records imprint.


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