Monday, June 14, 2010

Dr. Dre and Jay-Z ready for "Under Pressure" release

After years of gossip and talk, Dr. Dre revealed the release of the first single from Detox was coming soon. For ten years, Dre had been in the studio working with various artists. Dr. Dre has worked with the hottest rappers of the past decade. The names have changed, but a few have not.

Jay-Z's name has been on the guest list for Detox ever since the album was first announced. The two had a great chemistry on his 1999 song, "Watch This," and a duo was to be created. Dr. Dre planned to release his Detox album in 2000. But, the album suffered from multiple push-backs.

In April 2010, the talking was set to end and the music was supposed to come. "Under Pressure," a collaboration with Jay-Z, was supposed to be the first single. The song was supposed to come in the second week of April. However, the second week came and went without any new Dr. Dre single. Then, Interscope Records said the song was going to be pushed back until some time in May. Apparently, May came and went without a release, too.

However, after a few months of rumors, the song will be coming soon. Dr. Dre plans to create an advertisement for his headphones which will feature Jay-Z's verse on the song. Dre also has a video planned for the single and a remix featuring Diddy. The video will come soon and the remix video with Diddy will follow shortly. Still, there is no release date for the long-awaited Detox album.


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