Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jay-Z's secret concert Shut Down by Mayor Bloomberg

For the past few weeks, Jay-Z and the Roc Nation team have been planning a secret concert in New York. The only problem with planning a secret is the idea of someone finding out. This upcoming Monday, Jay has a scheduled appearance with television personality, David Letterman.

Following his appearance and interview with Letterman, Jay-Z was going to give a surprise performance on the street. But, soon the plan was revealed to the public. After a recent Drake performance in New York City turned violent, the city stepped in.

With Jay-Z being a bigger New York star, there is a bigger risk, one Mayor Bloomberg is not willing to take. Because of this, he decided to stop the secret concert before it started. Jay-Z boasted of his relationship with the mayor. Both are insanely rich and do business together.

However, this time around politics are involved and Mayor Bloomberg cannot negotiate with that.


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