Monday, June 14, 2010

Lil' Kim talks New Album, Roc Nation, Nicki Minaj, and Diddy

After the release of The Naked Truth, Lil' Kim disappeared from the center of the rap game. The fans were no longer interested in her feud with Foxy Brown and the people moved on. From 2005 until 2007, the female rap game was nonexistent. Lil' Kim attempted a comeback last summer, but things did not work out. Because she was pushed back, Kim left Atlantic Records.

Lil' Kim said she is focusing most of her energy on her new music. Her album was initially thought to be named Vintage. However, she said the album has no title at the moment. She is pouring her energy into this new music and a single should come soon. Not giving an exact date, she said a single will be released in July. More than anything, her focus is on the singles, which could make the album.

Last month, news broke of Lil' Kim being signed to Roc Nation. The announcement was not co-signed by Jay-Z, though. Lil' Kim did not have anything to say about the rumors. Instead, she left it at she has a lot of deals on the table waiting for her. A few years ago, rumors had her heading over to Bad Boy Records, but this would no longer be the case. Lil' Kim is furious with Diddy for siding with Nicki Minaj and she wants to have a word, or words with him.

Lil' Kim addressed her new music and her feuds. Despite what the people think, Lil' Kim said she is not going at Nicki Minaj and Diddy for the attention. She is genuinely upset with Nicki Minaj for robbing her style and she is upset with Diddy for allowing it to happen. He claims to be all about respecting the past and changing for the future, but he has never checked Nicki for her style. Then, when Lil' Kim brought this to the attention of everyone, he sided with Nicki Minaj. Last year, Lil' Kim recorded a single with Nicki Minaj and Baby, but the song was never released because they did not want Nicki Minaj beside Lil' Kim.

She has had a minor beef with the entire Cash Money camp ever since, but she held on to her feelings until now.


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