Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Rob sounds off on Diddy

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When he created Bad Boy Records, Diddy wanted to start a legacy that would rival the one created across town by Russell Simmons with Def Jam. Launched ten years after Def Jam, it appeared as if Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, was on the fast track. The first three years of Bad Boy Records were filled with happiness, then The Notorious B.I.G. was brutally murdered on the streets of Los Angeles.

Even after the death of Biggie, Bad Boy Records has still made tremendous profit, but none of the artists since have had staying power. Following Biggie’s death, Mase was thrown into the limelight and he decided to preach. Shyne was then brought in to fill the void of Mase, but the club incident cost Shyne his career and ten years of his life. There have been many other rappers brought in with each new star and they all have issues with Diddy.

Black Rob has become the latest former act of Bad Boy Records to sound off on Diddy. He said things with Diddy were shaky from the beginning, but he trusted the Bad Boy CEO. That is something he will never do again. During his time in prison, Black Rob said he did not even receive a phone call, let alone a visit from Diddy. Not only did Diddy not reach out to him while he was in prison, but he also stole G. Dep from him and kept all the credit.

Diddy has denied all the allegations made by Black Rob, but Rob says the proof is out there and there is nothing Diddy can do to deny it.

Happier Days in Bad Boy history. Black Rob – “Woah.”


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