Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kanye West set to return to MTV Video Music Awards

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Close to one year after he almost ended his career, Kanye West has returned to the public eye. Barely surviving the media scrutiny, West is working on a new album. Initially set to end his college-themed albums, the title was Good Ass Job and was confirmed by Drake. But, a change in mood changed the title to Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Only a few days after his video for "Power" was released to the internet, his single with Beyonce was leaked. Now, it seems as if the people are in love with Kanye once again. All has been forgiven over at MTV and Kanye West has been invited to attend the 2010 Video Music Awards. He is likely to be on the list of performers.

Throughout his career, Kanye West has had a number of issues with the MTV Video Music Awards. He was upset with them in 2007 after they made him perform his chart-topping hit, "Stronger," in a hotel room, while Britney Spears performed her single on the main stage. It made Kanye West so upset he pulled the race card and vowed to never return to the VMAs. In 2008, MTV made sure to accomodate Kanye West and then last year, he pulled the stunt with Taylor Swift. During the time off, MTV vowed to never insult Kanye West again and Kanye West vowed to behave at MTV.

Because of this, Kanye West will be attending the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and staying in his seat until it is actually his turn to get up. With Dark Twisted Fantasy set for release on November 16 and the video for "Power" already out, Kanye West will probably be out of his seat a lot during the next VMA award show.


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