Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dos Dilligence helps make Royal Gear hip hop

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, Dos Dilligence has been on the independent hip hop market. He has had chances to sign with major labels, but they wanted to change his style. When Dos Dilligence breaks into the game, he wants to remain himself.

Had he signed with a major record label, Dos would have already been a platinum rapper. With a platinum album, things would have been coming easier for the rapper. Usually, when rappers hit it big in the majors, they land endorsement deals with all kinds of companies.

Despite Dos Dilligence not being signed to a major label, he has earned his first endorsement. Recently, he partnered with Royal Gear Clothing to help the brand break into the world of hip hop apparel. Royal Gear has been around for years, but has relaunched as a hip hop clothing line. Dos Dilligence is one of the first rappers to team up with Royal Gear Clothing in an effort to boost the brand.

Early next year, Dos Dilligence will soon be wearing Royal Gear products, such as shirts and hoodies, to some of his events. Under the terms of the deal, Dos Dilligence and Royal Gear will be exchanging promotion. Fans can go to the Royal Gear site and hear music from Dos Dilligence and soon Dos will be starring in commercials for the clothing line.

Expect the advertising campaign to begin sometime early in 2011.


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