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DJ Prince talks about Myrtle Beach hip hop, Upcoming Work and "Servin' These Streets"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop has had DJs throughout their entire history. Initially, hip hop was centered around the DJ and the rapper was added to promote the DJ. Over the years, the rappers have made it big and the producers have gained a foothold in the game.

DJ Khaled was among the first DJ's to make it big in these recent years and his We The Best movement is going strong for nearly five years. Now, hip hop is looking for the next DJ to take over the hip hop game.

What DJ Khaled did for the Miami hip hop scene is what DJ Prince is doing for the Myrtle Beach hip hop scene. For the past year, he has been staying in Myrtle Beach, making connections. Now, DJ Prince is ready to take things to the next level.

DJ Prince has several projects in the works, advancing the Myrtle Beach hip hop scene, working with many of the big names, and his "Servin' These Streets" series, which will broadcast directly from Hip Hop Vibe.

Living in Myrtle Beach for the past year, how well have you gotten to know the rappers on the local scene?
I know them real well, I've been visiting Myrtle Beach for the past four years. I have DJ'd at the biggest clubs in the area, so I met with all of the local artists. With both me and the artists being on the underground, we had no choice but to link up. But, with me being the DJ, I look out for them. So, I know a lot of artists out here and they know me.

Who is one rapper from Myrtle Beach people everyone should be looking out for?
Face Monopoly, along with a few others. There are so many talented artists out here in Myrtle Beach.

How has your veteran experience, over ten years, helped you become one of the top DJ's on the East Coast?
I started in my basement, listening to many of the top DJ's of all-time. I grew up watching such guys as Funkmaster Flex, Jazzy Jeff, Kid Kapri, and many others. With those guys as your influence, it is hard not to become one of the best. When you're good at what you do, doors open up and then greatness soon follows.

Watching these guys is what made you want to DJ correct?
Yeah, Jam Master Jay, and many other legends were my inspiration and the reason I continue to do this today. The number one DJ's on the East Coast have to know how the East Coast works. Without knowing the market, they are setting themselves up for failure. But, once you know the market you are in, you can build a solid following and move forward.

Why did you leave Atlanta for Myrtle Beach?
Every summer, I do Myrtle Beach and it is a major tour spot. Myrtle Beach is one of the biggest tour spots on the East Coast. Despite Atlanta being a major market, people from Europe and other places are not coming there like that. Years before moving to Myrtle Beach, I built a major following and I chose to run with it full throttle. Through the smaller market, Mrytle Beach, I was able to reach more people, as people from all over the world come to Myrtle Beach.

At the same time, I still work in Atlanta and the people still show me love there and I show it back. But, in trying to build an international brand, it was better for me to move to Myrtle Beach.

So you are hosting a mixtape with Lil Chuckee?
Yeah, Young Money, Cash Money. Me and Lil Chuckee are doing the mixtape together. It will be released under my Servin These Streets brand. Right now, my Servin These Streets brand has become one of the top mixtape brands out there. I compare it to where DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz mixtape series was. He really made himself known worldwide when he did the Dedication series with Lil Wayne. Everybody has their own time and with the work I've put in paying off, this is my time.

You have also worked with Dipset, correct?
Yes, I'm a 7/30 Dipset DJ. I am Freekey Zeekey, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Cam'ron's DJ. But, I am affiliated with 7/30 Dipset, which is Freekey Zeekey's label under Dipset. I was notified by the president of the company who asked me if I wanted to join the team. I am also the DJ for Slip-N-Slide Records. I represent for everyone who represents me. So, everyone who has me on their roster and they represent me hard, I represent them.

I am also the DJ for Hard Hittaz, I'm cool with G Money, I'm one of their official DJs. I've been doing parties with many of the big names in the game. I've done mixtapes with Pastor Troy and other big names. I am affiliated with Streets Mayhem DVD, and so many more. I'm trying not to forget anyone, Swaggnificent Ent., they are a promo company. Aside from the other companies, I am the CEO of both Make it Happen Productions, my first brand, and also Servin' These Streets.

Aside from Young Money, what other major projects are you working on?
Right now, I am affiliated with Columbia Records, Check One Ent., Co. Chife, he's an A&R for Columbia Records. I have been doing close work with him and he has been connecting me with some of the major players in the game. I have done a mixtape with Juvenile and so many more big names. Jacki-O, from Miami, she just hosted a mixtape for me. There are so many big names, I can't even remember all of them.

Shout out to Kay Harris, she helped me get connected with Lil Chuckee. Harris is big in marketing and has her own television series, K Celebs TV. Shout out to Club Crush in Myrtle Beach, shout out Monty. Also, I want to shout out

Throughout this interview, you have been talking about your "Servin' These Streets" movement, tell us more about the movement.
Under the Servin' These Streets movement, we have the "Servin' These Streets" TV program and it is a show for upcoming artists, models, and DJs to give them extra exposure. We are putting it out through DVD, in clubs I am working with, and on the internet. I have models and DJs under the STS umbrella, one DJ, Russ, and DJ Load Em' Up, I have over ten DJs on my Servin' These Streets roster.

Among the outlets for the "Servin' These Streets" television program is here on Hip Hop Vibe, how did that come about?
I linked up with TBT Entertainment Group and we have been networking to put together a major outlet for artists and businesses, models, and anyone trying to make it. We connected to make Hip Hop Vibe become this outlet and now things are starting to take off. Now, the show is coming and things are about to take off.

The last thing I will say about the topic, is that they need to get at us now before it is too late. I have reached out to people and they will see it soon. Hip Hop Vibe is hot, new, and different, it has a different look from the other sites. Now, I have been sharing the site to several different people and the reception has been crazy.

Hip Hop Vibe has helped me and I have helped Hip Hop Vibe, which is the way things should be. Not only have I been promoting Hip Hop Vibe, but my team has too. In only nine days, my videos, without a website, have gotten 11,000 views and that is the type of numbers labels, major labels, want to see from an independent company.

Before the end of the year, where do you see yourself and the Servin' These Streets brand?
By the end of the year, I definitely see us being on top of the game. I will have my own internet radio station and it will be number one, globally. I see STS becoming one of the top mixtape brands. I see myself signed to one of the top record labels, helping break artists in. I see the "Servin' These Streets" television show taking off and putting together more shows, something like BET's "Rap City," but with a 2011/2012 spin on things.

I will be helping out other DJ's and putting them on where they need to be.


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