Monday, August 15, 2011

Barack Obama: The Hip Hop President

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop is much more than music, a person can hate hip hop music and still be hip hop. Barack Obama fully embodies the hip hop movement. This is not because Barack Obama has nothing to do with race and even less about him being a Jay-Z fan. Instead, what makes President Obama hip hop is his rise.

Despite his father being royalty and young Barack being the stepson of a political leader, he had humble beginnings. Born in Hawaii, Barack Obama grew up in Kansas. While his grandparents were hard workers, they did not have much. Obama soon found himself bootstrapping.

Barack Obama had a passion for law and ended up going to law school in Chicago. Soon, Obama found himself on the local political scene. Not only was the local senator, Barack Obama, in politics, he was also the author of a best-selling book. It was moves like those that helped him bring himself out of debt and to become a millionaire.

Again, this article has nothing to do with Barack Obama's race, it has even less to do with the way he has run the country. Barack Obama inherited the United States in its worst state since The Great Depression, under his watch, the United States rebounded and was out of the recession, shortly one year after he was elected as president. The theme of hip hop is rising from the bottom to the top, Barack Obama was able to pull himself from the bottom and he now holds the most-important job in the world, the president.

Regardless of how the people see him and his views, no one can deny his personal rise to the top.


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