Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Game talks Jay-Z, rates "Watch the Throne"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Fans have waited nearly a year for Watch the Throne. The collaboration album between Jay-Z and Kanye West have kept Game in the headlines. Game has made dissing Jay-Z into a sport, often insulting the hip hop cash king. Following the release of the new single, "Otis," from The Throne, Game released a diss.

Using a similar beat, Game released "Uncle Otis," calling out, not only Jay-Z, but also longtime collaborator, Kanye West. Game admitted he did not mean anything by the disses. However, Game made it clear he did not like Jay-Z, years ago. The Compton rapper said it stems from their first personal meeting.

Game said when he first met Jay-Z, he seemed too cocky. But, original stories state their feud stems from the Get Low name. Long before Game was signed to Aftermath, he was signed to a record label named Get Low Recordz. Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z's protege`, has been the head of Get Low Records since 1998. Originally, the feud was between Game and Memphis Bleek.

Speaking today, Game said he does not have any personal issues with Jay-Z. He admitted he was actually a big fan of the Jiggaman. Game said he owns every album from Reasonable Doubt to Watch the Throne, but says he does not need Jay-Z. With the people on his team, Game said he will never need Jay-Z's help, after all, he is in Dr. Dre's camp. Rating Watch the Throne, Game gave the album a '7' out of '10' and said '6' of those '7' points come from Kanye West.

Taking more digs at Jay-Z, Game spoke on the Beyonce preganancy rumors. Each year, there are rumors about Beyonce being pregnant. However, each time the story breaks, it is always denied. Game said the reason Beyonce might not be pregnant may be because Jay-Z cannot make children. While joking about his ability to have children, Game joked about Jay-Z getting a few other women pregnant. Game continued to praise Watch the Throne, saying his own R.E.D. Album cannot compete, but will be good, as well.


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