Thursday, September 22, 2011

Future talks signing with L.A. Reid and Epic Records

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Whether he realizes it or not, Future is one of the most influential rappers of 2011. During the spring, he recruited Drake for his single, "Tony Montana." Aside from the freestyles over Watch the Throne, no song has been freestyled over as much as Future's hit.

A few weeks ago, Future sat down with L.A. Reid and he signed with Epic Records. Future recently discussed his recent string of success with He said it is a great feeling to know when your hard work is paying off. Future said L.A. Reid understands the music.

Comparing music to sports, Future said it is always good, for a player, to be with a coach. But, it is so much better when the coach is down with the player, meaning it is good when the label executive is actually a fan of the music. Future has several links to L.A. Reid, as his cousin founded Organized Noize and Reid signed his business partner, Rocko, to Def Jam, back in 2007. Thinking back to all the deals, which involved L.A., the rapper said things happen for a reason.

Because L.A. Reid has worked with so many of his affiliates, Future felt comfortable signing with him, as he is the new head of Epic Records. Future's first release on Epic will be his EP, Watch This, which will be followed by his Pluto album in 2012.


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