Friday, September 23, 2011

Universal working on new "Scarface" film

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The 1983 version of Scarface has made a lasting impression on hip hop. Nearly every rapper admitted they were influenced, in one way or another, by the film. Jay-Z even admitted the movie had more of an impact on him than the rapper of the same name. Newcomer, Future, released a song, "Tony Montana," named after the protagonist of the film and several rappers have freestyled over the song.

Die hard fans of Scarface have been waiting for some sort of sequel to the film. Cuban Link announced he was working on a Scarface sequel, in 2003, but it never came to be. The USA network even announced they were producing a "Scarface" mini-series. Much like the sequel, the television series also did not happen. Universal Pictures has recently announced they are working on a new film.

Universal announced the film would not be a remake, nor would it be a sequel to the 1983 film. The original Scarface film was released in 1932 and centered around an Italian immigrant coming to America and taking over the organized crime in Chicago. Al Pacino starred in the 1983 version, portraying the role of a Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana, who comes to Miami and takes over the drug trade. The theme of the 21st century version has yet to be announced, nor has casting began for the film.


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