Monday, October 10, 2011

Freeway Ricky Ross may return to prison over Probation Violation

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The world may not have known who "Freeway" Ricky Ross was, had it not been for Rick Ross. Over the past five summers, Rick Ross has told stories of the drug trade from the perspective of a kingpin. Early in his run, Ross ran into trouble. From prison, the "real" Rick Ross emerged to reclaim his life.

In 2009, "Freeway" Ricky Ross was released from prison. During this time, his namesake was feuding with 50 Cent. With axes to grind, 50 Cent and the original Rick Ross teamed up. Last year, "Freeway" Ricky Ross attempted to sue Rick Ross over his success. The former kingpin wanted a percentage of his profits.

While the rapper Rick Ross has managed to stay out of real trouble, "Freeway" Ricky Ross may find himself being sent back to prison. When he is not insulting Rick Ross, "Freeway" Ricky is active in his community. It turns out, Ricky Ross was a bit too active in his community. Reportedly, the former drug lord was associating with fellow inmates. Talking to other former inmates happens to be a probation violation, but Ricky Ross said those were the people who helped him when he had no one else to turn to.


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