Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tensions Rise between T.I. and Diddy at Welcome Home Party

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When T.I. was still fighting for position in the rap game, Diddy was among those who helped him. After becoming a successful rapper, T.I. began to emulate Diddy and Jay-Z. T.I. expanded the roster of his record label and also started a clothing line.

Along with the fame and the fortune, T.I. gained friends in the game. Diddy has been among T.I.'s closest friends in the hip hop game. With T.I. being released from the halfway house, he was officially a free man.

Soon, it was announced T.I. would be throwing a welcome home bash. Among those donating was Diddy, who was donating cases of his Ciroc. Now, it seems this donation has caused a problem.

Diddy's partnership with Ciroc has been public news for some time. While Diddy is known as a savvy businessman, he is also known to have a quick temper. During the party, it was said many patrons were drinking Grey Goose, instead of Ciroc. Upon noticing this, Diddy became angry and ranted over the microphone, demaing people drink Ciroc, throwing drinks around the room.

Part of Diddy's tirade has already emerged online, but what has not is T.I.'s reaction. Fresh out of prison T.I. said he was not going to be a part of the fight. T.I. said he did enough time and he was not going back to jail over something stupid. While T.I. was angry with Diddy, he promised there was no beef between them and he would go to war with him, but not over something that simple.


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