Saturday, October 1, 2011

T.I. speaks on New Style and Atlanta hip hop

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Out of prison, T.I. is preparing to re-capture the fan base he had built years ago. By 2008, T.I. had decided to change his style, becoming the biggest rapper on the planet. While the album was popular with some, many early T.I. fans were disappointed with the album.

When he was released from prison, T.I. began working on a new album, King Uncaged. After he discovered he was going back to prison, T.I. changed the album title to No Mercy. The album was rushed, because T.I. was headed back to prison and the album was met with mostly-negative reviews.

Aside from his "That's All She Wrote" single with Eminem, T.I. is suffering, popularity-wise. T.I. is among the many rappers in the game in need of a comeback. On his next album, T.I. said he is going back to what worked. Before his Paper Trail album, T.I. told things how they were. But, on his 2008 opus, T.I. went for a more sophisticated sound.

Despite the sophisticated sound, the sophisticated people turned their backs on T.I. during his two stints in prison. T.I. said he is going to be down for the people who were down with him, his people in Bankhead, and he will continue to make music for them.


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