Monday, March 29, 2010

Cassidy shuts down HIV/AIDS rumors

Hard times have hit Cassidy since the 2007 release of B.A.R.S. At the time, he seemed poised to finally take a major position in the game. But, following the release of his album, the label shifted their focus. By the time Cassidy was set to release a new album, he was an afterthought.

It appears that Cassidy has fallen so far that rumors of him having an STD have risen. Last week, a random woman sent out an email that said that she had unprotected sex with the rapper. She said that after they had sex that she had contracted the virus from him. For the past few days, the media has had a field day with the rumors.

Cassidy has not given the rumors too much of a chance because he is already out denying the allegations. The rapper did admit that he was "sick wit it, but not sick in that manner." He also denied ever sleeping with the woman, or even knowing her for that fact. In an effort to prove that he is not like other rappers who lost their buzz, Cassidy purchased a 2010 Bentley.


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