Friday, April 30, 2010

Rick Ross talks Diddy management

Ever since the turn of the New Year, Rick Ross and Diddy have been the best of friends. The two have a lot in common, starting with Ross’ need for a partner and Diddy’s need for someone like his old partner, Biggie. On his latest album, the people closest to Rick Ross say that Biggie was channeled. Most people did not want to make this comparison, but Diddy did.

Since then, the two have been hanging out a lot together. Rick Ross is a native of Miami and Diddy has frequently visited the place ever since the late 1990s. Their love for Miami and the similarities between Ross and B.I.G. have united them. Had it not been for Rick Ross nearly fighting with Floyd Mayweather, none of this may have ever happened.

Rick Ross was featured on the remix to Diddy’s single, “Angels,” with Dirty Money and Diddy signed on to produce a few tracks on Teflon Don. The two have become strangely close and there were rumors that Ross could bolt from Def Jam. He admitted the only place that he would leave Def Jam for would be Bad Boy Records. Rick Ross could easily revive Bad Boy South.

While it remains to be seen if Rick Ross will sign with Diddy, he has named the mogul as his new manager. Some people looked at the move and said that it was a mistake on the behalf of Ross. However, Ross argues that it was the wisest move of his career. Given the time that Diddy has put in, he has connections everywhere. Because of that, Rick Ross hired Diddy as his manager.


Game credits Pharrell as Executive Producer on “The R.E.D. Album”

It is safe to say that Game has been obsessed with Dr. Dre ever since he left Aftermath following his falling out with 50 Cent. Once 50 Cent had dropped Game from G-Unit, he boasted of how he could not make it without him. Then, it became Game’s mission to prove 50 Cent wrong and he would with his second album. In the time since then, Game has become one of the highest selling rappers in the game.

Following the release of L.A.X., Game solidified his position among the top of the rap game and he said he would never mention Dr. Dre again. Game announced that he had signed with Interscope Records, but he was not working with Dr. Dre. The second half of 2009 consisted of him recording The R.E.D. Album. A considerable amount of buzz was building around Game and the album and Dr. Dre soon stepped in.

Through Snoop Dogg, the two were able to reunite. Their collaboration on Detox led to Dr. Dre signing him back to Aftermath Entertainment. Because Game was again on his label, Dre became the executive producer of The R.E.D. Album. Dr. Dre promised Game that he would handle the production on the album. This led to Game scrapping what he had in favor of recording an entirely new album.

However, as Dr. Dre soon found himself involved in other projects, he brought Pharrell in to help produce the album. Game grew so fond of Pharrell that he got the Star Trak logo tattooed on the top of his head. With that, Game announced that he was now signed to Pharrell’s label. He said that Dr. Dre and Pharrell would both serve as executive producers on the album. In the time since then, not much information has been given about the album.

For the first time in months, Game has decided to speak on The R.E.D. Album and he has confirmed Pharrell as an executive producer on the album. Despite previously naming Dr. Dre as the other executive producer, Game says that he does not know what Dr. Dre’s role on the album will be. Still, Game is signed to Aftermath Entertainment and he has acknowledged that Dre is involved with the album.

The R.E.D. Album is set for release on June 15, 2010 on Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.


Eminem teams up with Mobb Deep on “Recovery”

Five years ago, Eminem was formally introduced to Mobb Deep when they signed with G-Unit Records. Eminem is an insider with the G-Unit label because 50 Cent is the CEO of that label, while the franchise player for Em’s Shady Records. Initially, Eminem had little to nothing to do with Havoc and Prodigy. They never had a chance to properly work together.

Last September, 50 Cent revealed that Mobb Deep was no longer on G-Unit Records. Because he was trying to leave Interscope Records, 50 Cent allowed them to leave. In the time since they have left G-Unit, there have been many rumors circulating. Among those rumors is that they have reunited with Nas. Dating back to 50 Cent’s 2002 album, he has had issues with Nas.

When Mobb Deep had signed with G-Unit, some hip hop heads were anticipating a collaboration between Eminem and Mobb Deep. Despite working right on top of each other, the duo never had a chance to work with Eminem. Seeing how 50 Cent is, it appeared that a chance of them uniting would never happen. But, with 50 Cent moving on with his career, a union has come.

Eminem has finally reached a place in his career where he does not take on the battles of his friends. All in the name of creativity, he aligned himself with Lil Wayne, a known foe of his protégé. Now, with his album set for release this year, Eminem has sought the production work of Havoc of Mobb Deep. Never before has he worked with Havoc and he thought it was time.

Recovery should see its release sometime this summer on Shady Records and Interscope Records.


Rick Ross calls Jay-Z collabo an “Atomic Bomb”

Throughout his career, Rick Ross has been close to Jay-Z. The first few years of Def Jam under the leadership of Jay-Z were questionable. He did provide the world with Rihanna, but he also provided Amy Winehouse. But, when he signed Rick Ross and provided him with a chance to shine, it was clear that he made the right decision.

Rick Ross credits Jay-Z for a lot of his current success. Often, he says that if it had not been for Jay-Z taking a chance on him that he would still be in Miami. Because the two rappers are so close, they have a strong chemistry. They often display this when they collaborate on each other’s music. Their first collaboration was a remix to Ross’ “Hustlin’.”

However, their first true collaboration came on Rick Ross’ sophomore album. Their Trilla collaboration was “Maybach Music.” It was that track that earned Rick Ross respect outside of the South as a real lyricist. The song also proved to doubters that Jay-Z was still capable of being one of the top rappers without even trying.

Now a major star in his own right, Rick Ross no longer depends on Jay-Z to help sell his records, so when they collaborate now, they are equals. On Teflon Don, Rick Ross comes in as the top priority of Def Jam. He is currently the biggest rapper in the game outside of Drake and the rest of the Young Money movement. To bask in his success, Ross called upon Jay-Z.

Recently, Rick Ross spoke of his collaboration with Jay-Z. Even before he announced their collaboration, Ross said that this album would go down in history. He said that this album will be the best album of 2010 and the best of his career. Not only is he promising that this album will go down as the best, but he also promises that this album will sell millions of records.

When speaking of his Jay-Z collaboration, Rick Ross said that having Jay by his side led to the best lyrical effort of his career. Given the competitive nature of Jay-Z, he stepped his game up when Ross stepped up. Describing the incredible lyrics and the overall sound, Ross said that the two created an atomic bomb.


Sha Money XL joins Def Jam

Former G-Unit Records president, Sha Money XL has finally found another job. Last year, he left G-Unit after a dispute with Interscope Records. Sha Money said that he and 50 Cent will always be friends, but he could not deal with the politics at Interscope. Despite what he said, there have been rumors of a feud going on between he and 50 Cent. Some assumed that he would return to G-Unit once they left Interscope.

Earlier this year, 50 Cent announced that he had officially taken G-Unit Records off of Interscope Records. Back in 2002, he had signed a four-album deal with the label. Last fall, 50 released his fourth album with Interscope, Before I Self Destruct. Because the album was hardly promoted, it hardly sold. 50 Cent, already upset with the label, had allowed Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks to leave Interscope. Once he released the album, he left too.

Recently, there have been rumors of 50 Cent possibly moving over to Def Jam. The label has been struggling as all of their marquee artists have one foot out of the door. Last year, during the height of his feud with Rick Ross, 50 Cent joked about signing with them. Rick Ross recently responded to Lloyd Banks speaking about G-Unit possibly moving over to Def Jam. Ross laughed and said that would probably never happen.

In response, Lloyd Banks laid out the facts of the matter. Even though Rick Ross has chart-topping singles, he does not sell records. Meanwhile, Banks’ singles are hardly ever hits, but he still sells records. He said that those facts, alone, would make Def Jam want to sign a deal for the entire G-Unit label. Because of the friction, Banks said that Rick Ross would be forced to relocate back to Miami.

Now, the old president of G-Unit, Sha Money XL, has landed an executive role with Def Jam and the news comes as a bit of a surprise. This comes as a surprise because of the things that have been said about Def Jam by 50 Cent and the fact that Rick Ross is there. It is said that the primary mission of Sha Money XL is to land G-Unit on Def Jam.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drake samples Dead Prez in "Over"

The past few years have consisted of finding a new rapper to inherit the throne. Many people have assumed that it was up to them to take that spot. The most-notable rapper to claim king was Lil Wayne. To boost the effort, he went out and found a crew.

Drake was one of the first rappers to join Young Money and he is now a bigger star than Wayne. Now, when most people speak of the future of hip hop, they speak of Drake. His debut album, Thank Me Later, is right around the corner. Drake has made it because his lyrics are now quoted.

When fans start quoting rapper's lyrics, the hip hop heads jump in and read the lyrics. Drake's single, "Over," has become the first hit of the summer. Now, the lyrics have been analyzed. It turns out that a few of the lyrics in the hit have been sampled.

The line "one thing 'bout music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" is a direct quote from Dead Prez off of their 2000 hit, "Bigger Than Hip Hop."


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ja Rule drops "Venni Vetti Vecci 2010" details

Having been away from the game since 2004, Ja Rule feels that he can make a legendary comeback. For this album, Rule will again team up with Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. But, this time, he will release this album in conjunction with his own label, Mpire. The album is said to be the best Rule has ever created.

For this album, Ja Rule said that he has expanded his musical sound. The producers have come from both established veterans and newcomers. Ja Rule said that this album will have a consistent flow from song to song. Most albums lack that in their music. As revealed on last year's "Hollywood," Ja Rule wants a new sound.

Initially, the album was going to be a triple disc and was going to feature three versions of Ja Rule. But, with an upcoming battle with the law, Ja had to downsize. This album will instead feature a new sound from Ja Rule. He has been experimenting for some time now.

Ja Rule plans to release his album sometime during the summer. While he has refused to give an exact date, he has promised that his album will come out before the end of 2010.


Jeezy gets Pushed Back

Recently, Jeezy has been making a lot of news. First, he changed his name from Young Jeezy to simply Jeezy. Later, he said that it was time for hip hop to move past Tupac and Biggie. When asked about the best rapper to lead the shift, he suggested himself. With all of the buzz, Def Jam quickly gave him a release date.

Dating back to early 2009, Jeezy has been working on a new album. Last summer, it was revealed to be Thug Motivation 103. Jeezy had wanted to promote the album last year, but Def Jam was hesitant after his last album did not do very well. He felt that releasing a new single would rebuild his buzz. Jeezy was never given a chance and was forced to wait until this year.

This year, Jeezy has been pushed around by Def Jam. But, after releasing a single and making waves, he earned a release date. Jeezy was placed one week after the releases from Game and Drake on June 22. However, because he has yet to dominate the radio the way that he used to, Def Jam has given him a little more time to get things right. Thug Motivation 103 is currently slated to be released sometime in July of this year.


Tupac to Return with New Album

Rumors are currently circulating around the West Coast that the legendary Tupac Shakur will be returning to the game. In 2006, his album, Pac's Life, was released. It was said to be the final album released from the deceased rapper. However, there are now rumors that Death Row Records may put out a new album in his name.

As many fans of the slain rapper already know, he has recorded music to last until the end of time. Right after his death, many people questioned if he was still alive. Tupac was dedicated to his work and he was always writing and recording. A lot of people find it hard to believe that he worked that hard, so they felt he was still living.

However, after fourteen years, it has become clear that Tupac is not going to come back. The only way that fans get to hear any new music is through releases of old material. Tupac Shakur is dead and has been dead since 1996. However, his first album in four years will be released sometime in the second half of 2010.


On the Rise: B.o.B.

For the past three years, B.o.B. has been trying to get his career off of the ground. He began as a mixtape rapper and he recorded with the likes of Mims. In 2008, he received a big break when he was featured on the cover of XXL magazine. Even then, he was chosen as one of the future top rappers in the game.

Last year, B.o.B. landed a deal with T.I.'s Grand Hustle label and they have him set up with Atlantic Records. Because of T.I. being behind bars for most of last year, B.o.B. did not get a chance to release his album. However, now that T.I. is out, he is looking to rebuild his empire.

Led by his chart-topping hit, "Nothin' on You," B.o.B. released his debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, yesterday. Because his debut single has been such a hit, the album was pushed up. Now recognizable around the nation, B.o.B. is looking poised to have a run among the top players in the game.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shyne hits back at Haters

Fresh out of prison, Shyne is ready to begin the second phase of his career. He rose to fame, late in the 1990s, based off of his deep, smooth delivery. Many people felt that he was the future of hip hop. A chance fight at the club robbed the hip hop community of what could have been.

In 2004, Shyne attempted to re-launch his career from behind bars. He released the single, "Jimmy Choo" featuring Ashanti and his album Godfather Buried Alive. The quality of the album was poor and few people purchased the album. For the next five years, Shyne paitently waited for his comeback.

Free from the cells, Shyne has sought to change his style. Hardcore Shyne fans were very disappointed in his new style and he was taunted by Lloyd Banks. Along with his return to the game comes a renewal of the feud Shyne had with 50 Cent around the release of his last album.

Finally, Shyne has responded to the critics. He said that he does not care how many copies his next album sells, he is sticking to the reinvention. Shyne said that he expected the people to be happy when they heard his new style. The reason he felt that way was because his new lyrics were coming from the heart. He went on to say that he was comfortable with the change in his style and that he cannot give the fans the Shyne of old because he has changed.


Eve discusses Interscope Records fallout

News of Eve leaving Geffen Records shook the hip hop community, but it was not unexpected. However, what came as a shock was when she was dropped by Interscope Records. Having been with the label for over a decade, she set records for Interscope. But, when she stayed away from the game for five years, it was hard for her to come back.

Usually, when Eve is talking about her career, she finds herself defending what has happened. Before the planned release of Here I Am, she signed with Aftermath and Dr. Dre had to stop working with her. She also signed with Geffen Records and they did little to help. Meanwhile, she remained with Ruff Ryders/Interscope.

Eve has been friendly about speaking on the issues, but she has now admitted that the labels lied to her. She said that they made bad business deals and tried to cover them up. Eve said that Interscope intentionally placed a hold on her music career. After eleven years on the label and them starting to lie to her, Eve demanded to get off.


Eminem ditches "Relapse 2," prepares New Album

Two weeks ago, Eminem revealed that he had decided to ditch the idea of Relapse 2. After being away from the game for five years, Em decided to record two albums. The music was recorded around the same time, so they had the same theme. He had hoped to release one album early in the year and one album late in the year.

Despite what he had planned, Jimmy Iovine felt that he should hold off on releasing another album. He felt that recording an all-new album would be better for Eminem. To please the fans, Em released part of the album through Relapse: Refill. What was to come this year was Relapse 2, instead he will release Recovery.

With a new theme for his new album, Eminem plans on releasing this new album sometime this summer. Em has already promised the first single from the album in the coming days. To prepare the fans for the single that prepares them for the album, he has released a warm-up freestyle.


DMX sues for Stolen and Unpaid Royalties

Over the past few years, DMX's career has taken a strong turn for the worst. Every other day, his name is involved in one court case or another. DMX has gone from a respected lyricist to a laughingstock in the game. For the past four years, he has been working on a "comeback" album that has yet to come.

Yesterday, DMX filed a lawsuit against Rich Kid Entertainment, claiming that the company has been ripping him off for years. The company was hired by X to collect his royalties. DMX claims that the company allowed other record labels to reproduce his recordings without his consent.

Due to his numerous arrests, DMX was only able to discover what happened rather recently. He remains behind bars in Phoenix over some probation violations. DMX is seeking over $1 million in damages that date back to his 1998 debut. Neither party has issued an official statement.


Irv Gotti talks Rick Ross

Before signing with Def Jam, Rick Ross was very close to signing with Murder Inc. Records. Irv Gotti had heard some of his music and he desperately wanted Ross on his label. At the time, he was preparing Ja Rule for a comeback. He felt that Rick Ross could provide that spark to return his label to the top.

During this time, Murder Inc. had just landed their deal with Universal Motown and Jay-Z had just taken over at Def Jam. Irv Gotti said that he had sat down with Rick Ross and he told him what it would be like with either label. He said that he told Ross if he wanted to sell records he needs to come and join him.

Four years after the release of Port of Miami, Irv Gotti said that Ross would be selling 2 million albums on every release. He said that this would happen even through these harsh economic times. But, he chose to sign with Def Jam. Currently, he is the hottest rapper outside of the Young Money crew.

Despite his popularity, Rick Ross does not sell many records. Usually, his albums sell around 800,000 copies, but the RIAA usually certifies his albums as platinum.



When the New Year came in, T.I. made plans to begin his surge back to the top of the game. Having been the breakout star of 2008, he was forced to sit out of 2009. His 2007 gun charge landed him in prison for the bulk of 2009. But, good behavior led to his early release and T.I. returning to the hustle.

T.I. admitted that he lost ground, but he has been one of the most talked about rappers since his return. Earlier this year, he released his comeback single. Officially announcing his return to the game, T.I. informed the public that he was back. His album was properly titled "I'm Back."

When the song was released, T.I. said that it was a non-album single. However, as the song has become a minor hit, T.I. has made it his lead single. Ever since last year, the Atlanta rapper has been working on his latest opus, King Unleashed. It will be the final album of his trilogy that started in 2007.

The album was initially set for an August release, but anticipation and his fast recording has led to the album being pushed up.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Paul Wall talks Texas and White Rappers

When people first heard Paul Wall on Mike Jones' 2005 hit, "Still Tippin,'" most people assumed that he was black. However, when the video came out, it turned out that he was white. At the time, Eminem had just taken a break from recording music. For years, Em had been the "white rapper." Even with Wall in the game, he never got that title.

For the first time, publicly, Paul Wall has decided to address the reason behind this. According to Wall, had he been from Detroit, or any of the other northern cities, he would have been written off as just another white rapper. But, the fact that he is from the South is what saved him from that title. There is a certain swagger that Southern rappers have.

It was that swagger that kept him from being labeled as the new Eminem in the rap game. Paul Wall said that he never carried himself as a white person. Instead, he came as simply a rapper. Eminem, on the other hand, has straddled the fence throughout his career. At times, he seems to be black and at others, he is the nerdy white rapper.


Game features All-Star cast on "The Red Room"

With his fourth studio album, The R.E.D. Album, set for release sometime before the end of summer, Game is trying to reintroduce himself to his fans. Since he last picked up the mic for an official release, many new artists have emerged in the game. Realizing that the game is changing, Game has changed up, too.

Before his album comes out, Game wants to release The Red Room, the mixtape prequel to his actual album. Teaming with DJ Skee, Game is focused on making great music. Initially, he had teamed up with DJ Drama, but a dispute over G-Unit led to him going elsewhere for the mixtape. Game said that he did not plan on dissing G-Unit, but that was his call.

Among the many guests for the DJ Skee-hosted mixtape, Game features Diddy, Fabolous, Jim Jones, Pharrell, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Jadakiss. These are some of the hottest names in hip hop and Game knows them personally. He feels that he is great by himself and he can prove that better by rapping alongside such renowned lyricists as Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne.


Jermaine Dupri establishes Virgin deal, Ready for Business

After two years of welcoming himself back to his old position at Virgin Records, Jermaine Dupri is ready to re-establish his baby. For the past seventeen years, he has also run his So So Def label. There have been times when his label has dominated. Because they have never had a consistent star, their runs have never lasted long. When he established the deal with Def Jam, it appeared that Dupri would finally have his shot.

However, the Def Jam deal quickly fell apart. Dupri did not get what he wanted out of the deal. Def Jam came up empty, too, so both parties felt that it was best to move on. Now that he is back in his element, though, Jermaine Dupri wants to get back to business. Virtually, no relevant artists are on his label, so 2010 will be spent re-establishing the brand. He hopes to sign 10 new acts to the label before the end of this year.

Jermaine Dupri also hopes to put out a compilation album featuring some of his acts, new and old, before the end of the year. If lucky, one artist may stick out and he could finally have someone to build off of, long-term, for the future of his label.


Lloyd Banks calls out Rick Ross over Def Jam

Following 50 Cent's departure from Interscope Records, there has been the lasting question of where he could land. Last year, during the height of his feud with Rick Ross, 50 Cent joked about signing with Def Jam. While he was simply joking, it is a strong possibility. Ever since the demise of Murder Inc. (due to 50) and the departure of Jay-Z, the label has struggled.

Recently, Lloyd Banks spoke on his next label situation, saying that Interscope Records wants a second chance. Initially, 50 Cent said that the crew was returning to the independent circuit. But, Banks said that G-Unit Records has been in talks with Def Jam about a new deal. When Banks spoke of the possibility of joining Def Jam, Rick Ross boasted that it would never happen.

With the declining roster on the label, Rick Ross has become the flagship star. Lloyd Banks is confident, however, that if G-Unit was on the label that they would become the focal point. Banks said that Rick Ross could no longer handle his business in Def Jam. Instead, he would have to return to the offices in Florida because they would not allow him to enter. Banks said that when it comes down to it, he is a bigger artist than Rick Ross and Def Jam would shift their focus from his movement to the G-Unit movement.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Glasses Malone ready for Ice Cube feud

Last month, Ice Cube landed himself in hot water when he revealed the title of his latest album. Paying homage to the legacy that he helped to build, he titled his album, I Am The West. In the time since Death Row Records fell apart, the West Coast has struggled to gain footing. But, recently a new movement has been taking place.

One of the leaders of this new movement is Jay Rock, a native of Los Angeles. He took offense to the new title of Ice Cube's album and was willing to feud with Cube. The response that Cube gave him was not what Jay Rock expected and he began dissing the legend. Game soon stepped into the fray. Glasses Malone has now jumped in.

For the past week, Malone has had some choice words for both Game and Ice Cube. Recently, he spoke and he said that he is ready for war with Ice Cube. Glasses said that he respects the history that comes with Ice Cube, but that Ice Cube has to respect that people like him are a part of the future. Right now, he has no diss record for Cube, he simply wants Ice Cube to stop with all of the disses when he grew up admiring him.

Despite how he grew up, Glasses Malone is willing to fight to solidify his position in the rap game. If that means going against a legend, Glasses will go against a legend. He said that what Ice Cube is doing is not for the West Coast and it is not for hip hop. Instead, he said that Cube is on a Hollywood promotional run that will only benefit himself. He said that a feud with Ice Cube would not be person. Acknowledging that the original hip hop beefs were only for fun and in the spirit of competition, he could never have any personal problems with Ice Cube.


Nas cannot catch a Break

The past few months have been tough on Nas. His seemingly happy marriage to Kelis fell apart and he owes her a lot of money in back child support. Because two years have passed since he last released an album, Nas is trying to rebuild his buzz. It is in him to return to the game, but he needs some money because Kelis has plans of milking him dry.

Before he returns with a solo album, Nas wants to come through with his promise of an album with Damian Marley. The duo have talked about a collaboration album for three years. However, it was not until last year that they became serious about recording togehter. As the year went on, more and more tracks came.

Now, with the album around the corner, Nas and Damian Marley are hitting the road. Right when they are getting things underway, there are police officers that are prepared to protest their show. It is not just Nas and Damian Marley that are being protested. Instead, the Palm Beach police are protesting the entire Spring Fest taking place.

Despite not going at Nas directly, this has the potential to be a major blow for the rapper who has been on a steady decline since "Ether."


Game sides with Shyne in 50 Cent feud

Fresh out of prison, Shyne has returned to the game sending multiple disses at 50 Cent. Their feud stems from a disagreement that they had over Shyne and Murder Inc. However, six years have passed since the two last traded barbs. From time-to-time, 50 Cent would comment about Shyne being behind bars. Now that Shyne is out, he is hitting back.

Ever since late 2008, Game has been one of Shyne's biggest supporters. Originally, Game said that he had signed him to his label when the bidding wars started. When Shyne was deported to Belize, Game was one of the first rappers to visit him. He said that Shyne advised him to stay away from beefs. Ironically, when he regained his footing, Shyne began feuding.

Game is no stranger to hip hop feuds, but his most-notorious one is with 50 Cent. Any time any rapper has an issue with 50 Cent, Game is the first one to speak out with support. Last year, he aided Rick Ross and this year, he is riding with Shyne over 50 Cent. Game said that he is going to sit back and let Shyne handle most of the disses. However, he may step in for one or two records against 50 Cent. It appears that a tag-team is in the books for the rappers.

The recent Shyne comeback has been panned by fans and critics alike. Game has warned against people being so quick to write him off. He compared Shyne's slow return to the possibility of Kobe Bryant retiring and coming back. Right now, Bryant is one of the best players in the NBA, but if he were to retire for a few years and come back, his shot may be a little off. Game said that right now, Shyne's shot is a little off, but in a few months, he will be back at full strength.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

J. Cole breaks silence on New Album

Two years ago, J. Cole became the first artist signed to Roc Nation, the new Jay-Z record label. After creating Roc-A-Fella Records and spending twelve years with the label, he left for a new situation. He chose to create an entirely different squad and J. Cole became the new sidekick. Early on, people tried to compare him to Memphis Bleek, but Cole quickly ended that.

Ever since September 2009, J. Cole has been hard at work on his debut album. His album will be the second release on Roc Nation with the first being The Blueprint 3. The people who have heard parts of J. Cole's album say that it will be a good album. Drake sat down and heard a bit of the album. After hearing the album, he said that J. Cole could easily be the next Nas.

J. Cole said that those predictions came a bit too early, but his album would be a classic. Now, Cole is in the final stretch of the album and he said that it is going to be one of the best albums of 2010. He said that he is aware that there will be a lot of great albums to come out this year, but he remains confident that his will be among the top of the list. Because of the fact that he is not satisfied, Cole feels that he is making the album better each time he goes in.


Rick Ross' new manager is Diddy

Ever since he first came into the game, Rick Ross has received many comparisons to The Notorious B.I.G. Most hip hop fans have accused Ross of trying to copy the late rapper's style. The rumors may very well be true, but Diddy, the closest associate and boos of Biggie, has taken a strong liking to him. The two have always been friends.

Earlier this year, Rick Ross and Diddy went from being simply friends to close friends. It all started at Diddy's birthday bash late last year when Ross and Floyd Mayweather almost fought. After breaking up the fight, he and Diddy began exchanging messages. Soon, Diddy was able to broker a truce between the rapper and the boxer.

In the time since the truce, Diddy has compared Rick Ross to his late friend. Rick Ross is set to appear on Diddy's new album and there were rumors that Ross was preparing to sign to Bad Boy Records. Those rumors have yet to come into reality, but it remains a strong possibility based on the fact that Rick Ross has just appointed Diddy as his new manager. Aside from announcing the new manager, he said that his Teflon Don album will be released on June 29, 2010.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scarface hypes up Comeback Album

Three years ago, Scarface returned to the game with what was his final album. Led by the hit single, "Girl You Know," Scarface appeared to leave the game on top. However, he would later reveal that he had been bullied by his label. That was his main reason for retirement.

Despite Scarface vowing to never return to the rap game, there have been rumors of a comeback album. In 2008, however, he would return with another "final" album. A two-year hiatus would take place. Those two years have been filled with comeback rumors.

Later this year, Scarface hopes to deliver to the world his twelfth album, Under Oath. He said that this album will change the game forever. The theme has been described as originally beautiful. It will be led by a mixtape, Dopeman Music, both releases will come off of his own label.

Scarface has planned to dominate the airwaves during the summer of 2010.


Jim Jones talks Cam'ron reunion

With the recent announcement of the truce between Jim Jones and Cam'ron, the hip hop world has been buzzing. For the first time since their three-year feud ended, Jones has decided to open up on their reconciliation. Jim Jones has coyly spoken on their reunion.

During his first post-feud interview, Jones spoke in third person saying that he had heard that two rappers had put aside their differences. Jimmy said that their reconciliation was good for rap. He explained that they both have money and they will come together for a new album.

Jim Jones said that he was excited and can hardly wait for a new single or a press release. Their truce came after Jim issued an apology to Cam'ron. Obviously, he accepted.


Shyne explains his New Style

Before he went to prison, Shyne was one of the fastest-rising rappers in the game. He was signed to Bad Boy right after the end of the Mase era. Shyne needed a label and the Bad Boy label needed an actual "bad boy." For one album, the Shyne/Bad Boy relationship was a strong one.

Months after the release of his self-titled debut album, Shyne was sent off to prison. For the past eight years, he has been an inmate in New York. Because of good behavior, he was let out early. At the start of 2009, it was announced that he would come out on October 6.

Shyne had planned to jump right back into the music, but he found himself deported. Once he got his stuff straight, Shyne went back to recording music. For the past ten years, Shyne has had the same flow. Now that he is out, he wants to capture attention and change his flow.

Because of everything that he has gone through, Shyne has decided to change his style. He said that the man he was on his previous two albums will not be returning. With a new style, Shyne hopes to finally rid himself of the jailbird image. Many people associate Shyne and his old style with his prison sentence. The new Shyne style has received mostly negative reviews. Following his diss aimed at 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks went on to tease the new style that Shyne is trying to promote.

Shyne feels that this new style will make him more marketable and he can finally move past his Bad Boy and prison image.


Game has no Competition from Drake

Nearly two years have passed since Game last released an album. At the time, he was still looking to establish himself outside of Dr. Dre. While L.A.X. was not acclaimed, it helped to solidify Game as a solo act. But, after the album, Game kept a low profile and Drake took over the hip hop game.

Over the course of the past few months, Drake has become one of the most popular rappers in the game. Meanwhile, such rappers as Game have become afterthoughts. Ever since last fall, Game has been trying to release The R.E.D. Album. As fate would have it, the album will not come until June.

Ironically, Game's album will be released on the same day as the debut album from Drake. Many people believe that Thank Me Later has the ability to outsell Game. Despite being away from the game for a little while, Game is not worried about competiton from Drake.

Game recently spoke on the so-called challenge from Drake and said that there was "no competition" between the two rappers. He is confident that his album will sell more copies than Thank Me Later.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fat Joe admits to Lying in Raps

For years, many protestors of rap music have told the young, impressionable fans not to read too much into the music. Still, even with the warnings, a lot of young people think that these rappers are actually gangsters. With the rise in popularity of the Bloods gang through Lil Wayne, many young people are calling themselves Bloods.

While the people against rap often speak out against the lyrics, no rapper ever has. Fat Joe has been around for a long time, but many people say that he has never made history. Until his recent blog posting that was the case. With his latest blog post, Fat Joe became the first rapper to ever challenge the authencity of his own raps.

Many times, when rappers begin feuding with each other, they deny the truth in their rhymes. But, with everything going on, Fat Joe has decided to speak on his own lyrics. He said that the fans should not read much into the things that he raps about. Fat Joe said that a lot of his rhymes are not real. He said that rappers are writing these hardcore lyrics while sitting in their mansions.

Fat Joe also explained what a rapping gangster would have to do in his daily life. According to Joe, that is virtually impossible. Fat Joe said that rappers are not gangsters, instead they are poets and authors and they are allowed to say whatever they want to say. He feels that it does not matter what a rapper raps about, even if he did not live it. The only thing that matters is that his or her rhymes are hot.


Rick Ross keeps Tight Lid on "Teflon Don"

Before he actually began recording this new album, Rick Ross promised that it would be his defining album. Ever since the start of 2010, Ross has been recording Teflon Don. He said that this album would be the top album of the year and that it would be critically-acclaimed. Diddy was able to work with him and he compared him to Biggie.

On his previous album, Rick Ross gave the fans a walkthrough as he recorded the album. In the end, the album sold moderately well and was met with positive reviews. Rick Ross plans to do a lot more than duplicate those results with this album. Instead of telling everything about this album, Ross will keep things to himself.

For Teflon Don, Rick Ross said that the fans should expect a lot of surprises. The first single, "Super High," with Ne-Yo has been released and Ross has promised a Jay-Z collaboration. Ross said that the album has a nice lineup of guests and more surprises are on the way. But, he has decided to leave it at that.


Cam'ron and Jim Jones end feud

For the past three years, a feud has been going on between Cam'ron and Jim Jones. Initially, the feud was kept under wraps. However, after the feud between Cam'ron and 50 Cent, it was revealed just how bad things were. The former duo had not talked in a year and Cam was kicked out of the group.

Upon his return to the game, last spring, Cam'ron expressed interest in reuniting Dipset. He said that he had talked with Jim Jones and they had a nice conversation. After Cam'ron made that statement, Jim Jones would later come out and deny it. Once Cam raised cain, Jones admitted that they did talk.

As 2009 came to a close, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana expressed interest in reuniting with Cam'ron. Earlier in the year, Cam had attempted to patch things up and Jones turned him down. With the shoe on the other foot, Cam'ron proclaimed that Dipset was over. Jim Jones responded by saying that the movement cannot be ended because it is a movement. Ever since those statements, all talk of Dipset has died down, but recently talk of a reunion has increased. Now, all of this talk has resulted in an unlikely reunion between the two men.

With their recent reconciliation, Cam'ron said that he and Jim Jones will definitely reunite, along with the rest of Dipset before the end of the year.


Shyne lets loose on 50 Cent

Six years ago, Shyne and 50 Cent became embroiled in a long, bitter feud. At the time, 50 Cent was fresh off of the successes of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' and Beg For Mercy. Those two albums helped to put a damper on the career of Ja Rule. He had thought that his popularity had ended the run of Murder Inc.

Not only had 50 Cent taken Ja Rule's place at the top of the rap game, but he had also taken Irv Gotti's place at the top of the music industry. G-Unit Records was going full speed ahead and 50 Cent wanted to land a coup. Despite being behind bars, Shyne fought his way off of Bad Boy Records.

After being released from Bad Boy, Shyne prepared to record a new album. 50 Cent realized the following that Shyne had and he wanted to sign him to G-Unit. The plan was to have Shyne record with all of the G-Unit producers. When approached by the Unit, Shyne turned them down.

50 Cent felt slighted by what Shyne had done, but he had no interest in feuding with him. In the end, Shyne would sign a one-album deal with Def Jam. Because no one was willing to openly work with Shyne, Irv Gotti reached out to him. Ja Rule helped him to write a bulk of his songs and Gotti helped to produce a few tracks off of his album. 50 Cent felt that anyone who worked with Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, or Ashanti were against him and his movement. This led to 50 Cent dissing Shyne and they have gone back and forth ever since.

Following the feuds between Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Nas, and The Game, 50 Cent would soon leave Shyne alone, but the feelings are still bitter. Fresh off of his release from prison, Shyne has dissed 50 Cent.  His new track is called "There Will Be Blood" and it takes on the entire G-Unit crew. Following the release of the diss record, Lloyd Banks stepped in to defend G-Unit. Shyne said that his main focus is to put an official end to the reign of G-Unit. Since his release, Shyne has worked with Game and has realigned with Murder Inc.


Mack 10 begins post-Westside Connection career

Soon after Westside Connection reunited, there were rumors of internal feuding. Despite how close they appeared, Mack 10 and Ice Cube were having problems. Even with all of the rumors, the trio stuck together to promote Terrorist Threats. Their promotion resulted in a Gold plaque.

However, once the spotlight was off of the crew, the feud went public. In 2005, Mack 10 let it be known exactly how he felt about Ice Cube. Ice Cube would respond to his disses and the feud was set in motion. Not only did Westside Connection effectively end following this, but Mack 10's solo career also took a hit.

Until last year, he had not released an album since the 2005 fallout with Ice Cube. Now, with the New Year already four months old, Mack 10 is reclaiming his career. He has a new solo album set for release this year, but his primary focus is his album with Glasses Malone. Malone is one of the many newer artists from the West that have an issue with Ice Cube. Specualtion points to this being the main reason that Mack 10 united with Malone.

Their new album is titled Money Muzik and the first single, "Girls Everywhere," was released earlier today. The new album will be coming out sometime before the end of this year. All of these albums will be released on his Hoo Bangin' Records imprint.


Kid Cudi changes Album Title

Following the release of his debut album, Man on the Moon, Kid Cudi began recording his sophomore disc, Cudder. The album was supposed to take an entirely different direction than his debut album. Before settling on the Cudder title, he had gone through other names for the album. Now, Kid Cudi has gone through one more.

Unlike the other changes that Kid Cudi has made for this album, this time the actual theme has been changed. All of the material that he had recorded for the album has been scrapped. Because he wants the album to have a dark tone, Cudi feels that it is best to change the title of the album. No longer titled Cudder, the album is now a sequel.

After being on tour, Kid Cudi realized that the type of material from his debut album is what has made him successful. In an effort to keep this streak going, Kid Cudi feels that he needs to continue that type of music. He plans to continue to pour his life into his music. With that comes the change in album titles from Cudder to Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

The production on the album will be coming from RATATAT, Kanye West and Swizz Beatz with others to be named in the near future. Initially, Kid Cudi recorded two songs with Snoop Dogg, one for his More Malice album, and another for the Cudder album. With the recent change of heart from Kid Cudi, it is unclear if this song will make the album. But, it is likely that Snoop Dogg will appear on the album. The only confirmed guest on the album is Chip Tha Ripper.


T.I. draws Tupac comparisons on New Album

Ever since 2006, T.I. has been compared to Tupac. A lot of those comparisons come from his recording on the Pac's Life album. Other comparisons have come from the emotion that he puts into his music. Not too many rappers display the passion that T.I. does.

Most of this passion comes from the death of his friend and partner, Philant. His death is what feuled a lot of the material on T.I. vs. T.I.P. and Paper Trail. Now, with the release of his next album, King Unleashed, around the corner, T.I. is opening up. He said this album will complete the series.

T.I. has compared this album to Tupac's 1996 classic, All Eyez on Me. He said that his story started in 2007 and it is set to end with this album. Following the release of this album, he begins the next phase of his career.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Lloyd Banks calls out Interscope Records

Now that 50 Cent is off of Interscope Records and ready for an indie movement, his old label wants him back. Not only that, but Interscope is willing to reinstate the entire G-Unit label. Last summer, Lloyd Banks had a less than friendly departure from the label.

The hard feelings between Banks and the label over his sophomore album have yet to die down. Because the label is in need of hits, they are willing to let the old squad back on the label. While it would be a good look for G-Unit to return to Interscope, it is not likely to happen with Lloyd Banks.

Before he returns to Interscope Records, Banks said that they have to apologize. Not just to him, but also to 50 Cent. He said that the executives at the label have to promise to never doubt G-Unit again. He said that right now, the label is only talking with 50 Cent and that nothing has been solidified.


Game warns Alchemist over "400 Bars"

Last week, Game released his long-awaited sequel to "400 Bars and Runnin'" diss track. His first diss track was released in 2005 as a diss to 50 Cent and G-Unit. Last year, as Game prepared for the release of The R.E.D. Album, he promised that another record would come.

Finally, the record came out las week, but it was not met with the acclaim of his original song. In the song, he sends more disses to G-Unit and he seems to take on Ice Cube's war. For the past few months, Ice Cube has been feuding with newcomer Jay Rock.

Now that the song is out, the people are responding to it. One of the first people, aside from Jay Rock, to mention the song was Alchemist. Alchemist said that the song was long and boring through Twitter. He advised Game that less is actually more in the case of this song.

After reading his response, Game responded to Alchemist, saying that he does not want to get his teeth knocked out. He responded to Alchemist calling the song a snooze, saying that he can make him snooze for real.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

50 Cent and the Independent Movement

50 Cent's career has finally come full circle. Eight years ago, 50 Cent was one of the top independent artists in the game. His sophomore album, Guess Who's Back?, found its way into the hands of Eminem and 50 Cent was signed. Because of his popularity, Interscope Records set 50 up with G-Unit Records to sign his other rapping friends.

After the success of Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 Cent began to invest in his artists. First, he released Beg For Mercy, his album with G-Unit and then he began breaking his artists. Lloyd Banks and Young Buck would release their debut albums to platinum successes. Soon, a project from Dr. Dre, The Game, found his way to G-Unit. His album would be very successful, but he and 50 Cent clashed.

The Game would not last long on G-Unit and his feud laid the groundwork for the demise of G-Unit Records. The lack of promotion on behalf of Interscope Records led to a falling out between 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine. His album, Curtis, would be a flop and 2009's Before I Self Destruct was another album flop.Following the release of Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent had the option to move G-Unit Records and he took it.

Now it is up to 50 Cent to do everything for the label as he has decided to leave his label independent. This is how is career began and after four albums with a major label with mixed results, 50 Cent has decided to return to what he knows.


Atlanta is No Longer the Heart of the South

The Southern hip hop scene had been trying to emerge into the overall hip hop community since the late 1980s. But, it would not be until the late 1990s that anyone gave them a chance. Early on, it was behind the efforts of Master P and No Limit that the South dominated.

For a little while, No Limit ran the entire hip hop community, but their reign slipped. Not only did they lose their grip on hip hop, but they also lost the South. While one era had ended, another had begun and the mecca of Southern hip hop was Atlanta.

Ever since 1994, Big Boi and Andre 3000 made up Outkast and they were known for their eccentric styles and their lyricism. Because of their alternative style, Outkast rarely made any big hits. For years, their only claim to fame was their hit single, "Rosa Parks." While they were still looking for recognition, in 2000, Ludacris would take the rap game by storm. Alongside his DTP crew, Ludacris was the most popular rapper in the game. The music that he created was lyrical and humorous. Even after his run ended, Atlanta remained on top.

Following Ludacris, his rival, T.I. would pick up where he left off. T.I. would coin the phrase "king of the South." Eventually, rappers who had issues with T.I. would challenge him on that. Even as T.I. was one of the top rappers in the game, other rappers from Atlanta were also making waves in the hip hop community, so no one person was representing the city. In 2004, Atlanta single-handedly dominated the charts. Music from Usher, Ludacris, Lil' Jon, T.I., Outkast, Pastor Troy, Jazze Pha, Ciara, Lloyd, Young Bloodz, Jermaine Dupri, and Dem Franchise Boyz dominated the radio waves.

Following a great year for black music, in general, Atlanta did an encore in 2005 with help from Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and other newcomers. However, in 2006, a shift took place that made Miami a new hotspot for Southern hip hop. The movement out of Miami is led by DJ Khaled and is called the "We The Best movement." Even while Miami was initially dominating the South, rappers from Atlanta still had a foot in the door, but this is no longer the case. Ludacris and T.I. are no longer the young boys in rap, but there is no one real rapper to pass the baton to.

Unlike in other Southern cities, Atlanta has become stagnant and, as a result, people look towards Rick Ross and the crew behind him to move rap music forward. Every now and again, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, and/or T.I. come out with something new to win the fans over, but things have drastically changed. No longer does anyone look at Atlanta and refer to the city as the "mecca of Southern hip hop."


Nicki Minaj is carrying Young Money

Last year, Drake officially signed with Young Money and many people predicted him to become the future of the label. His mixtape release, last year's So Far Gone, had more success than most albums that were released in 2009. With the buzz that he had, it appeared as if he were ready to take over the game.

Once it was revealed that Lil Wayne would be in prison for a year, it appeared that Drake would begin his run a little early. After all, if he could have an enormous buzz based off of the mixtape, imagine what he could do with an album. Most people viewed Young Money as Lil Wayne first, Drake second, and Nicki Minaj a distant third.

However, recently, that has not been the case. Drake is still one of the hottest rapers in the game. Despite his incredible run, Nicki Minaj is a little more popular than Drizzy. She has been called upon by Ludacris and Usher. Both of their songs have become hits and they both credit the verse from Nicki Minaj as the culprit.

Nicki Minaj does not have an album coming anytime soon, but it is her music that is getting the most airplay on radio stations. Drake is still dominating with "Over," but he is not dominating the way that Nicki is with music on other artists' albums. Promotion for her album is not set to begin until late in the summer. Meanwhile, promotion for Drake's album is currently in gear. Despite this fact, it is Nicki Minaj that has the most buzz, right now, and with her album around the corner, she may outsell Drake.

When the Young Money name is mentioned, a lot of people still say Drake, but the dominant artist in the crew happens to be Nicki Minaj. Her untitled debut album will be released sometime before the end of this year around the fall season.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diddy outgrew Bad Boy Records

In the early 1990s, Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, became one of the top executives in the music industry. With hits from many artists on his label, he had become a very wealthy man. Initially, his love for music is what drove him. While Diddy's primary love was music, he also had a passion for money. Eventually, his second passion would overtake his first.

Following the death of The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy began branching his company out. In 1998, he launched the Sean John clothing line and he continued to expand. By 2001, he had surpassed Master P as the richest man in hip hop. With everything going on, Diddy soon did not have much time for Bad Boy Records. Until 2004, he ran all of his businesses and they were all successes.

But, when his net worth jumped from the $10 millions into the $100 millions, Diddy began focusing on what was making money. Sadly, his initial creation was no longer a force in the industry. Every now and again, Diddy falls back in love with his music. When he does, he usually signs a new artist to Bad Boy and he releases a new album. This was the plan, in 2007, but he realized that the label did not have much going for itself outside of his music.

Last fall, Diddy announced his rededication to Bad Boy Records. The first move that he made was ending his four-year relationship with Atlantic Records. Following his departure from Atlantic Records, Diddy reached a new distribution deal with Interscope Records. Once he reached the deal, he moved his artists over from the original deal at Atlantic to the new deal with Interscope. Many established artists are willing to end their existing deals with their labels to come over to Bad Boy. Raekwon stated that he wanted The Wu Massacre to come out on Bad Boy and he said that he wanted to sign with the label.

Because of big money deals outside of Bad Boy Records, Diddy lost his focus, which was to become the new and improved Russell Simmons. His shift in interest led to his label falling out of contention and becoming an afterthought. Now that his label has drastically fallen off, Diddy is working his hardest to rebuild his creation. But, looking back on the whole situation, Bad Boy Records would have never fallen off had Diddy paid more attention to it. However, with his expansion into clothing, restaurants, television production, and other business ventures, Diddy seemingly outgrew Bad Boy Records.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Hip Hop Vibe makes Big Moves

In an effort to reach a broader audience, a lot of changes have taken place at Hip Hop Vibe. Readers will still be able to enjoy their latest news and rumors from right here, but now we have a lot more to offer. From this point on, readers can call Hip Hop Vibe home. A social networking community has been added to the website and now the readers can have their say. Any rumors or news tips that any of the readers have can be submitted through the discussion forum.

Most importantly, all of the hip hop heads out there have a space just for them to connect with people like them in this new community. On this site, debate, argue, and enjoy what we now have to offer. This forum will be overviewed by Hip Hop Vibe, so if the content is good enough, it may end up making the front page of Hip Hop Vibe. In addition to the social networking site, Hip Hop Vibe is also expanding to finally have the "Weekly Wrap Up," and a new emphasis on video.

Every day, Hip Hop Vibe will select from the latest videos, the top video of the day, which will be decided by the fans. Also, an official contact for Hip Hop Vibe has been set up and we will be checking it daily, so please continue to come to the site. Everything that is currently Hip Hop Vibe will remain Hip Hop Vibe, only now, there is an emphasis on other aspects of hop hop. Remember, if any of the discussions on the forum are popular enough, they may end up making the front page of Hip Hop Vibe.

Before the end of this month, an online store will also be created for the website. In doing all of this, we plan on moving ahead to become one of the top online destinations for the hip hop community.


Master P questions Cash Money's Maturity Level

For years, there was a low-profile feud going on between Master P, his No Limit crew, and Cash Money Records. The issue stemmed from both labels being based in New Orleans. While Cash Money was the older label, No Limit was the one making money. Out of anger, a lot of the Cash Money artists began dissing No Limit. The two labels feuded until 2002.

In the time since then, no friendship has been created. Master P is actually out of the music business, working on a television network. Meanwhile, Cash Money has reached an all-time peak, behind the music from Lil Wayne. While Master P has built quite a fortune, the new money is going in the direction of the other label. Master P recently reflected on their success.

Maturity has set in with Master P, so he no longer trying to feud with his former rivals. But, being the businessman that he is, P has grown to know how businessmen should look. While Birdman and Lil Wayne are making money, Master P says that their fortune cannot grow to be but so big because of their appearance. He questioned the latest tattoo that Birdman had placed on his head. In the world of business, these men will not be taken seriously.


Nicki Minaj fires manager

Last month, Debra Antley, the mother of Waka Flocka Flame, was boasting of her business skills. She landed a job as the manager to the surging Gucci Mane. Because of that connection, she landed her son a spot on his label. In the time since, Waka has become a star in his own right and Antley has been expanding.

Recently, Debra Antley spoke with about her management career. She boasted of how she had simply landed a small job with So Icey Entertainment. While people do not think about it, Antley has been key in the success of the label. She has also been key in the rise of Nicki Minaj.

For the past few days, Nicki Minaj has been making some odd decisions. First, she removed herself from Rihanna's tour and now she has fired Antley as her manager. She said that she would rather be in control of her career, herself. From this point forward, Nicki plans to be in control of her career.


J. Cole speaks on Nas Comparisons

Two of the most-hyped 2010 debuts are the releases from Drake and J. Cole. For the first time in hip hop history, the two biggest rising stars in the game are not from the key cities. Drake is from Toronto, Canada and J. Cole is from Fayetteville, NC.

Natural in hip hop, a friendly rivalry is brewing between the two rising stars. Because of his Young Money connection, Drake has become the early winner of the competition. Despite a friendly rivalry in place between the two rappers, they are actually friends.

Often, the two rappers are asked about each other and this time was Drake's turn. Drake said that he felt that J. Cole could be the next Nas. Ironically, Drake said that his album is inspired by Illmatic. But, J. Cole recently responded to Drake's comment.

While J. Cole admitted that he was flattered by the comments that Drake made, he said that it is a little too early in the game for that type of comparison. J. Cole said that it could come in time, but right now it is too soon for anyone to create any comparisons between him and Nas.


50 Cent does not Believe in Voodoo

The title of the latest album from 50 Cent has led to many questions being asked. He said that he has given such a title to his new project to expand his horizons. 50 plans to expand his horizons, while keeping his initial base.

This is not the first time that 50 Cent has tried to do something creative. In 2007, he released Curtis, which was an experimental album. Expecting success, all 50 Cent got as his firsr-ever album flop. After the release of that album, he planned to go hardcore again.

However, his return to his hardcore roots on Before I Self Destruct led to even lower record sales for the rapper that once averaged 5.5 million copies per album. This time, though, 50 Cent is sure that things will be different for him. He said that he is moving fast with this album and it should be ready by summer. When it comes out, 50 has warned the public that it will be addictive. 50 Cent said that the overall sound to this album will have the people knowing each song for years. While the album will be ready by summer, he wants to release it in the fall.


Jae Millz takes aim at XXL Freshmen 2010

Because of his initial diss on the XXL feature of the upcoming rappers of 2010, Jae Millz has received a lot of heat. His comments have been taken out of context. Millz originally was asked about the feature. He said that half of the rappers did not belong on the list.

In the time since he made those comments, most of the rappers have responded to him. The most-notable response came from rapper Pill. He released a diss track against Jae and he said that he is a no-name. A few years ago, many people predicted that Jae Millz would become a star.

Obviously, those predictions did not come true, as Millz is on the Young Money label. However, his future was once bright and he has reminded everyone of that fact. In a video, he responded to everyone that teased him for being a no-name, quick to remind them of what could have been.


Ice Cube denies Dr. Dre feud, wants Collaboration

In his latest return to rap, Ice Cube has caused quite a stir within the industry. Right after his issues with the New West had died down, Cube released the new single from his album. The song in question is called "Drink The Kool-Aid." In the song, it appears that he is going at a lot of artists.

There were suggestions that the song contained a diss to his former rhyming partner, Dr. Dre. Once the song found its way back to Dre, he questioned Cube about it. In a recent talk with MTV, Cube spoke about the song. He said that Dr. Dre did ask him about the song, but he said it was not a diss to anyone.

Instead, Ice Cube said that the song was style and grace. Cube said that the internet was full of roaches because he told Dr. Dre that he would never diss him. He said that the relationship between himself and Dr. Dre is very strong. Their relationship is so strong that he has called upon Dre to help him out with his new album.


Jeezy talks about Rap Takeover

With Lil Wayne behind bars, many rappers are trying to step up to the plate and fill his shoes. Among those artists is Jeezy, who feels that he can remove hip hop from the post-Biggie/Tupac era. For starters, he announced that he was going to change his name from Young Jeezy to simply Jeezy.

Many people had taken offense to what Jeezy said about hip hop needing to move past Tupac and Biggie. Recently, when speaking on his new album, Jeezy said that it is time to move past the deceased legends. Even when he first said it, Jeezy tried to clear up his comments.

Not taking back what he said, Jeezy said that he is going to prove his critics wrong. While he has a strong commercial following, Jeezy is not critically-acclaimed. On his last album, his commercial following was not all that strong, either. But, he plans to change all of this on his next release.

Jeezy plans to release Thug Motivation 103 sometime this summer.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Game plans to Heat up the Summer with "R.E.D."

Last year, Game spoke of his upcoming album, The R.E.D. Album. Initially, the album was supposed to be released last fall. The album had been completed and Game was boasting about the content of it. But, right before he was able to release the album, he and Dr. Dre reunited.

The former duo had reunited for Dr. Dre's Detox album, but their chemistry quickly spilled over into The R.E.D. Album. Glad to have Dr. Dre back in his corner, Game quickly agreed to have his album pushed back. Dr. Dre soon had to hand the project over to Pharrell.

Game and Pharrell became fast friends and this led to Game being signed to his label. Once Dr. Dre returned, Game joined a joint-venture between Star Trak and Aftermath. The album was pushed back from a December release to a February release. Soon, the album was pushed back again to a March release. However, the March 23 date came and went without an album from Game.

With questions beginning to rise about his new album, Game announced that The R.E.D. Album will likely be released before the end of the summer.


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