Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drake assumes leadership of Young Money

With Lil Wayne done for the rest of the year, there is a major hitch in the Young Money crew. Even before their franchise player was sentenced to prison, there was a plan to hand the game down. Now that Wayne is gone, this plan was put on rush.

Last year, Drake released his So Far Gone mixtape that made him into a household name. This year, he plans to duplicate that success with his debut album, Thank Me Later. But, with Lil Wayne gone, the record sales and the popularity of that album have to be extremely high.

The pressure is a lot on Drake, but he has said that it is nothing that he cannot handle. Drake said that he spoke with Lil Wayne before he went to prison. In their talk, he promised to lead Young Money while he was away. With the rap game changing every second, only time will tell if Drizzy delivers on this promise.


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