Friday, March 19, 2010

Drake on Jay-Z and "Light It Up"

Last summer, Drake received an unexpected call from Jay-Z. When Drake was still a rising star, Jay was preparing his return to the game. At the time, Hov was going against everything that the new school was doing. Many thought that his album would have some shots taken at Drake.

Those thoughts were thrown right out of the window when Jay-Z recruited Drake to perform the hook of the song, "Off That." Not only did the song feature a future chart-topper in Drake, but it was a song about the future. That song proved that there was some good chemistry between Jay-Z and Drake.

While promoting his 2010 debut album, Thank Me Later, Drake said that he wanted to feature Jay-Z on the album. Not long after he made that announcement, Jay-Z agreed to do the song. Information about the collaboration was scarce, but it was said that the verse from Jay-Z was one of the best in his career. Now, Drake is giving more information about the collaboration. He said that he raps and sings on the record and that the verse from Jay-Z is nothing short of pure rap at its best.

The singing from Drake is only on the hook, but he said that the song will become a fan favorite once the public hears it. The new Drake album, Thank Me Later, is going to be released sometime this summer.


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