Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fat Joe lands a Solid Deal with E1 Music

Ever since his departure from Atlantic Records, in 2006, Fat Joe has been shopping himself to Imperial Music. He signed a one-album deal with the label to release his 2006 album. For his next album, he signed another deal with the label. But, last year, they held up the release of his album. Because of that, a dispute arose between Fat Joe and the label, so he left his business deal.

Before he had even left Atlantic Records, Fat Joe had a deal with Koch Records. Late last year, Koch changed its name to E1 Music. The label has been home to many Terror Squad artists and is the current home to DJ Khaled. Because of his strong relationship with the E1 family, Fat Joe decided to sign a deal with the label.

Portraying the "nice guy image" on his most-recent efforts, Fat Joe is going back to his roots on his next album. Unlike his releases throughout the 2000s, he will he raw and explicit. This is the reason that he titled his album The Dark Side. He will end up releasing this album through E1 Music and the album will be released sometime during the summer of 2010.


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