Friday, March 19, 2010

Joell Ortiz needs beef to Release Album

Dating back to 2004, Joell Ortiz has been on the scene. There have been quite a few times when it appeared that he was close to making his big break. But, for one reason or another, something always happens that sets him back. In 2007, he signed with Aftermath Entertainment, but he released his debut album on E1 Music (formerly Koch Records).

Because of the constant delays of his second album with Aftermath, he decided to leave the label. He would end up returning to E1 to release his album. The motto at the independent label is that all an artist has to do is record their album. Joell Ortiz did this two years ago and his album still has not been released. Fans of the rapper are questioning what the holdup is.

Answering all of those questions is Ortiz. He said that the reason that his album has yet to come out is because the label feels that he is unknown. Despite them calling him "unknown," Ortiz has two singles in rotation and he has filmed a video. No matter what he does, the label will not release his album unless he decides to create a feud. Joell Ortiz plans to release new music regardless of his label situation.


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