Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Joell Ortiz sounds off on E1 Music

Because of his struggle with the major record labels, early in his career, Joell Ortiz signed with E1 Music back when it was still Koch Records. Under Koch, he would release his debut album, The Brick (Bodega Chronicles), in 2007. The album would not be much of a success, but it was critically praised.

The second album from Ortiz was supposed to be released on Aftermath Entertainment. Following the warm reception from the streets to his album, Dr. Dre signed him. But, the top priority over at Aftermath was 50 Cent and G-Unit. Upset at the lack of attention, Joell Oritz would return to Koch Records.

One of the main reasons that Koch Records has been so popular is because they release albums from an artist, regardless. Where major labels push artists back at a constant rate, all they do is put the music out. But, now that Koch has become E1 and they have a distribution deal with Epic Records, they are a major label.

Now, Joell Ortiz is trying to put out his second album, Free Agent, and he is trying to release the debut album from Slaughterhouse. But, because E1 Music has this new deal, they are expecting to receive a full return on their investment. Even though Joell Ortiz is one of the best lyrical rappers out there, they do not feel that he is notable enough. Last week, they suggested that Ortiz create a feud with another artist for promotion. Fed up with E1, Joell Ortiz has had enough. Because of his treatment, Slaughterhouse is not going to sign with E1, instead, they will sign a group deal with another label.

While he is trying to move on, E1 is blocking any label from signing Joell Oritz from a group deal. This has upset the Brooklyn rapper and he said that E1 is trying to ruin his career. Now, he has taken direct aim and he has informed the executives of E1 Music that they are blocking something truly great from happening.


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