Monday, March 22, 2010

Max B may be Released Soon

Last fall, former Byrd Gang member, Max B was sentenced to a life sentence of 75 years in prison. The rapper was tied to a robbery that wound up being a murder. After being in the game for five years, Max was starving for attention. He found it, but he never wanted it to come in that fashion.

It appeared that Max B was going to be behind bars for some time. His case was very widespread. Every hip hop outlets reported on it and 50 Cent even dedicated a line to him on "Flight 187." Until recently, there was still talk of Max B and his prison sentence. Just as things died down, there is more news on the Harlem rapper.

The manager of Max B, Joli O'Shay, spoke with XXL about the situation. Surprisingly, the news was good. The appeal that Max B filed was successful and he may be getting out of prison soon. Max B is trying to go to another trial, make his previous trial a mistrial, or simply get off with time served.

If things go as planned for Max B, he may finally get in the studio with Dame Grease and record his long-awaited debut album.


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