Monday, April 12, 2010

50 Cent does not Believe in Voodoo

The title of the latest album from 50 Cent has led to many questions being asked. He said that he has given such a title to his new project to expand his horizons. 50 plans to expand his horizons, while keeping his initial base.

This is not the first time that 50 Cent has tried to do something creative. In 2007, he released Curtis, which was an experimental album. Expecting success, all 50 Cent got as his firsr-ever album flop. After the release of that album, he planned to go hardcore again.

However, his return to his hardcore roots on Before I Self Destruct led to even lower record sales for the rapper that once averaged 5.5 million copies per album. This time, though, 50 Cent is sure that things will be different for him. He said that he is moving fast with this album and it should be ready by summer. When it comes out, 50 has warned the public that it will be addictive. 50 Cent said that the overall sound to this album will have the people knowing each song for years. While the album will be ready by summer, he wants to release it in the fall.


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