Friday, April 23, 2010

Game sides with Shyne in 50 Cent feud

Fresh out of prison, Shyne has returned to the game sending multiple disses at 50 Cent. Their feud stems from a disagreement that they had over Shyne and Murder Inc. However, six years have passed since the two last traded barbs. From time-to-time, 50 Cent would comment about Shyne being behind bars. Now that Shyne is out, he is hitting back.

Ever since late 2008, Game has been one of Shyne's biggest supporters. Originally, Game said that he had signed him to his label when the bidding wars started. When Shyne was deported to Belize, Game was one of the first rappers to visit him. He said that Shyne advised him to stay away from beefs. Ironically, when he regained his footing, Shyne began feuding.

Game is no stranger to hip hop feuds, but his most-notorious one is with 50 Cent. Any time any rapper has an issue with 50 Cent, Game is the first one to speak out with support. Last year, he aided Rick Ross and this year, he is riding with Shyne over 50 Cent. Game said that he is going to sit back and let Shyne handle most of the disses. However, he may step in for one or two records against 50 Cent. It appears that a tag-team is in the books for the rappers.

The recent Shyne comeback has been panned by fans and critics alike. Game has warned against people being so quick to write him off. He compared Shyne's slow return to the possibility of Kobe Bryant retiring and coming back. Right now, Bryant is one of the best players in the NBA, but if he were to retire for a few years and come back, his shot may be a little off. Game said that right now, Shyne's shot is a little off, but in a few months, he will be back at full strength.


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