Monday, April 12, 2010

Jeezy talks about Rap Takeover

With Lil Wayne behind bars, many rappers are trying to step up to the plate and fill his shoes. Among those artists is Jeezy, who feels that he can remove hip hop from the post-Biggie/Tupac era. For starters, he announced that he was going to change his name from Young Jeezy to simply Jeezy.

Many people had taken offense to what Jeezy said about hip hop needing to move past Tupac and Biggie. Recently, when speaking on his new album, Jeezy said that it is time to move past the deceased legends. Even when he first said it, Jeezy tried to clear up his comments.

Not taking back what he said, Jeezy said that he is going to prove his critics wrong. While he has a strong commercial following, Jeezy is not critically-acclaimed. On his last album, his commercial following was not all that strong, either. But, he plans to change all of this on his next release.

Jeezy plans to release Thug Motivation 103 sometime this summer.


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