Friday, April 30, 2010

Rick Ross calls Jay-Z collabo an “Atomic Bomb”

Throughout his career, Rick Ross has been close to Jay-Z. The first few years of Def Jam under the leadership of Jay-Z were questionable. He did provide the world with Rihanna, but he also provided Amy Winehouse. But, when he signed Rick Ross and provided him with a chance to shine, it was clear that he made the right decision.

Rick Ross credits Jay-Z for a lot of his current success. Often, he says that if it had not been for Jay-Z taking a chance on him that he would still be in Miami. Because the two rappers are so close, they have a strong chemistry. They often display this when they collaborate on each other’s music. Their first collaboration was a remix to Ross’ “Hustlin’.”

However, their first true collaboration came on Rick Ross’ sophomore album. Their Trilla collaboration was “Maybach Music.” It was that track that earned Rick Ross respect outside of the South as a real lyricist. The song also proved to doubters that Jay-Z was still capable of being one of the top rappers without even trying.

Now a major star in his own right, Rick Ross no longer depends on Jay-Z to help sell his records, so when they collaborate now, they are equals. On Teflon Don, Rick Ross comes in as the top priority of Def Jam. He is currently the biggest rapper in the game outside of Drake and the rest of the Young Money movement. To bask in his success, Ross called upon Jay-Z.

Recently, Rick Ross spoke of his collaboration with Jay-Z. Even before he announced their collaboration, Ross said that this album would go down in history. He said that this album will be the best album of 2010 and the best of his career. Not only is he promising that this album will go down as the best, but he also promises that this album will sell millions of records.

When speaking of his Jay-Z collaboration, Rick Ross said that having Jay by his side led to the best lyrical effort of his career. Given the competitive nature of Jay-Z, he stepped his game up when Ross stepped up. Describing the incredible lyrics and the overall sound, Ross said that the two created an atomic bomb.


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