Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eminem nearly dissed Lil Wayne and Kanye West

Recently, Eminem revealed some relatively shocking news to the public. With his album expected to come out next Monday, he has opened up about a few of the album tracks. On the track, "Talkin' 2 Myself," Em revealed he came close to dissing his partners in rhyme, Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

The rise of Lil Wayne and Kanye West took place during the five-year hiatus from Eminem. At the time, Eminem felt as if he could take on any rapper in the game. For years, he remained one of the hottest rappers out. But, while he was gone, Wayne and Kanye took over.

Eminem knew the rhymes would have been hot enough, but he ultimately chose not to diss the rappers. Looking back on the situation, Eminem said it would have been career suicide. But, he almost ended up feuding with Lil Wayne. While Wayne was recording Tha Carter IIII, he called out Em.

Lil Wayne said he wanted to record a track with Eminem more than anything else. He said he reached out to the Detroit rapper several times. But, Eminem did not respond to any of his messages. Sensing he would not respond to a friendly message, Lil Wayne said he may record a diss record to get his attention. Even then, he admitted Eminem would defeat him in a rap war. However, Weezy felt it would have been great for the hip hop community. The feud never happened, but it almost did.

Instead of these rappers sending out diss records, they have become the best of friends and they all came together for the Drake single, "Forever." Eminem was featured on Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later, which was released on Lil Wayne's Young Money label. Lil Wayne is featured on Eminem's Recovery and Em had a feature on Wayne's Rebirth on the "Drop The World" single. Eminem will release Recovery on June 21, 2010 on Shady Records and Interscope.


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