Monday, June 21, 2010

Eminem reveals Close Relationship with Jay-Z

Most people assume there are only two people in rap which are close to Eminem. The two people he often speaks of, outside of his own crew, are 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. When he first made it big, Eminem recorded for Aftermath, so he saw Dr. Dre on a frequent basis. It did not take long for the two to bond and after going off on his own, Eminem signed 50 Cent and they became close.

One relationship in hip hop, which is often overlooked, is the connection between Eminem and Jay-Z. Eminem began expanding himself in the rap game in 2001. He had already started Shady Records and he produced records. By chance, he met up with Jay-Z and produced "Renegade" for Jay-Z's classic, The Blueprint. Following the success of the song, a partnership was made.

Eminem would go on to also produce "Moment of Clarity" for the rapper on The Black Album. In his raps, Jay-Z often mentions Eminem. Most recently, he rapped about him on "A Star is Born." But, their relationship extends far outside of the rap game. Every time Eminem appears in New York City, he finds his way over to Jay-Z. Not the clubbing type, when he visits New York City, Eminem makes sure to stop by the 40/40. There are never reports of Eminem and Jay-Z because they do not collaborate often. But, when they do connect for new music, it is always classic.

Recently, Eminem spoke on his relationship with Jay-Z and how it has grown. For no reason, sometimes they will call each other and talk. When 50 Cent began dissing Jay-Z, it put Eminem in a very tough position and he decided to stay out of it. There was only one time when he jumped into a feud and it was when Ja Rule mentioned the name of his daughter in a song. After only a year of dissing each other, all of a sudden the disses stopped. Ja Rule was helped early in his career by Jay-Z and is always close with him. Being close to the rival, Eminem, too, Jay-Z helped broker a truce between the two. But, Eminem said he and Jay-Z speak often.

There is also the possibility of Eminem appearing on the top secret new album from Jay-Z.


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