Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fat Joe returns to Florida home, releases statement

The past few months for Fat Joe have been horrible, starting with the release of his last album. For years, people say he has been slipping. If this is true, he fell on his last album. But, after becoming a joke in the hip hop world, he decided it was time for redemption.

For the past few months, Fat Joe said he has been working on the best album in hip hop history. He has been busy promoting it and has been around the country. This past weekend, the rapper was in Wisconsin where he was accused of sexual assault.

After the wild weekend, Fat Joe was spotted boarding an airplane in Chicago. Earlier today, the rapper made it back to his Florida home. Upon reaching his destination, he had his representative make a statement. While his people admitted he was questioned by police in Wisconsin, he did nothing wrong.

The woman posed as a fan in order to get close to Fat Joe, real name Joseph Cartagena. She would end up in the car with Fat Joe, but she was coming on to him. After he refused to have sexual relations with her, the woman decided to file charges against him. But, Fat Joe, a married man, proclaims his innocence.


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