Sunday, July 25, 2010

DJ Khaled wants to work with Eminem

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In his short time in the game, DJ Khaled has become known for uniting the biggest names in hip hop. While the story goes untold, he was key in the explosion of Lil Wayne. Despite building stars, he did little to impress G-Unit. Three years ago, Khaled was involved in a feud with Young Buck.

Even though Young Buck would eventually make peace with him, there are still issues with 50 Cent. In the past, Eminem always stood by 50 Cent, but this changed in 2004. Ja Rule, a longtime rival of 50 Cent, ended up taking a stage with Eminem that year. As time has gone on, Eminem has worked with many of 50's foes.

DJ Khaled desperately wants to be on the list of 50 Cent rivals to record with Eminem. He promised fans if Eminem were to ever agree to doing a collaboration with him, they would put together classic material. Khaled is known for putting together anthems throughout the year. Each of them has dominated the radio in their time, but it is hard to pick a downright favorite DJ Khaled anthem.

DJ Khaled says if Eminem ever decides to give him a chance, their record would easily become the biggest anthem of all-time.


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