Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hip Hop Drama, the G-Unit Version, Young Buck goes at 50 Cent again

By Mark "D" Thomas
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Why am I not surprised that once again 50 Cent is in the middle of hip hop beefing? This week, it's ex G-Unit member, Young Buck. Not sure what 50 did to Buck, but apparently this has gotten serious. Young Buck got on stage and let everyone know that he will not be getting back with G-Unit. "F**k G-Unit," Buck shouted to the crowd, and he let the crowd know he and 50 still have unfinished business. Seems as if Buck is ready to go to war, and he admits that he will not stop till one of them is dead.

Let's hope this hip hop feud can fade out quick. We don't need any more hip hop violence.


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