Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drake previews R&B Mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not too many people took Drake seriously when he began releasing mixtapes. After taking a couple of years off, he returned in 2009 with So Far Gone. The mixtape was very popular and sounded like an album. Following the success of the mixtape, Drake signed to Young Money.

Lil Wayne had already been mentoring Drake ever since he first came into the game. But, when the two rappers were officially on the same team, things clicked. Drake honed his skills and became one of the finest emcees in the game. He even had the advantage of a good voice.

Unlike most rappers, who find singers, Drake is actually able to sing his own hooks. Drake has become so good at the hooks that he does them for other rappers. Rick Ross called upon the surrogate Young Money captain to do the hook for "Aston Martin Music." When he released his debut album, Drake promised to still keep the mixtape game hot.

Last month, Drake gave a little bit of information about doing an R&B mixtape and the streets began buzzing about the new music. Now, Drake is giving the fans a preview of what to expect from the mixtape. With the mixtape, It's Never Enough, expected to hit in October or November, Drake has released the song, "Lonely," in preparation.


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