Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kanye West lands XXL cover

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

After months of being out of the public eye, Kanye West decided to re-emerge last month. His song, "Power," has sparked plenty of controversy. With controversy came attention and MTV invited Kanye to attend to 2010 edition of the Video Music Awards.

Last year, during the show, Kanye West made national news when he interrupted Taylor Swift. The media needed a reason to hate Kanye and he gave them a good one. Many radio stations even stopped playing his music. But, after a good and long vacation, Kanye came back.

Making light of last year's situation, he and Taylor Swift staged another incident. However, it was made clear that their issues were officially over. With Kanye West looking to move into the next phase of his career, he is trying to place this in the past. Outside of his own career, Kanye has added new artists to GOOD Music, such as Pusha T and more to come.

Despite the way a lot of people feel about him, Kanye West is making moves and the people within the hip hop community still have love for him. Based off that one fact, West cannot be denied in the game and XXL has realized this. Focusing on business, the magazine has given Kanye West the cover and they will interview him to catch up on how things have been over the past year for him.


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