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On the Rise: TRU REALITY

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop was declared dead some time ago, but the underground movement has been going strong for a few years. Grinding down South between Orlando and Atlanta has been Tru Reality. Much like other underground rappers, Tru has decided to go into business by himself.

Realizing major record labels may not be in his best interest, Tru Reality has been making moves on his own. In July, he released his debut album, Tha Occupation, and he has watched as his fortunes changed. Now that his album is out, he has landed a deal for his own reality show, among other things.

Tru Reality recently gave Hip Hop Vibe an exclusive interview, which can be read below.

1. Exactly how do you feel about the current landscape of hip hop?

tha current landscape of hip-hop is brand new and energized but itz very slim and therez not much of a choice in different artist to choose from . it seemz az thou tha game iz falling apart and only supportz 5-10 artist and everything else is underground .

2. What do you think you bring to the game that can lead to an eventual change?
what i bring to tha game iz a brand new sound not touched yet. i select tha perfect blend of beatz and then paste a blend of swag and confidence over it. i get a lot of credit for ahaving a different sound that tha game iz missing cuz everyone iz doing tha same thing these dayz.

3. Once you become established, do you see yourself branching out into films?
as far as doing filmz and television that may come a lil bit sooner than tha suppossed "blow up" theory. im currently filming a reality tv show with my label partner and fiance' DURTY FLOWERZ".

4. Can you open up a little about your reality show, which will be airing here on Hip Hop Vibe?
the reality show is called "A MARRIAGE MADE IN HIP-HOP". itz a inside view into the relationship and bizness of tha TRU REALITY N DURTY FLOWERZ. we make movez together, record together. perform together ., and crack a lot of jokes about tha industry while going thru a wonderfully created relationship and an engagement which will all be open to tha world very soon .. you can check out tha pilot on Hip Hop Vibe and leave a comment .. "A MARRIAGE MADE IN HIP-HOP"

5. What track off Tha Occupation do you think fans will connect with best?
so far im getting a response that tha album iz CLASSIC! plus i got a song from DURTY FLOWERZ called "MY TIME". that song iz getting a lot of play by djz all ova tha country as well as "YOU KNOW" AND "IM A DO ME" .

6. When will the people be hearing more from Tha Hate Club?
you can expect to hear more from "THA HATE CLUB ENT." in a few weekz when we finish aping tha rest of tha reality show then im a drop tha new single "YOU SHOULD BE MY LADY" i already shot tha video . itz phenominal!! thatz tha song to take us commercial or whateva u call it cuz it caterz to tha femalez and bringz a new side of "TRU REALITY" .. THA VIDEO ALSOFEATUREZ SIKKWITIT AND DURTY FLOWERZ and tha hook iz actually sung by RAYBONE a artist from atlanta .

7. Do you find it difficult to be the main artist and the boss of a record label?
i think being able to run ur own show , nswer ur own phone callz and make ur own desicionz iz an ultimate blessing and i luv it 100% . to contact me for a show or DURTY FLOWERZ just hit me up 321 460 8367 .. THA HATE CLUB ENT

8. Do you have plans on working with any big name artists?
yes im gonna record a song with BUSTA RHYMES in tha near future.. and DURTY FLOWERZ got a meeting next month to record with nicki minaj and LIL KIM.

9. How are you going to make the jump from regional artist to international artist?
im not really worried about making that jump .. my marketing firm has already hit those marketz across tha globe and i have a few videoz being played in germany and japan currently.

10. Where can people recieve their copy of Tha Occupation?
From the 101 Distribution site, from iTunes or from right here at the Hip Hop Vibe Store.

11. If people want to see more and hear more from you, where can they go?
to see more from TRU REALITY and DURTY FLOWERZ you can check us out on facebook, youtube and myspace.. and also check us out on


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