Monday, November 22, 2010

DMX regrets Jay-Z diss

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, DMX took his beef with Jay-Z to a higher level when he dissed him at AZ's concert. He chanted "fuck Jay-Z" to the crowd repeatedly. Over a decade ago, DMX and Jay-Z were partners in rhyme, but X revealed they never did get along. The rappers were tied together by Irv Gotti and later Def Jam.

But, in 2006, Jay-Z, by then the CEO of Def Jam, decided to release the drug addicted X from the label. Then, DMX took his beef public and told of how Jay-Z had done him wrong. For the remainder of that year, DMX continued to diss Jay-Z and supported Cam'ron in his feud against the rapper. Jay-Z scoffed at the disses on Kingdom Come.

Last year, DMX prepared to take over as the face of Ruff Ryders once again. He decided he was going to turn over a new leaf. In the fall of last year, X reached out to longtime rival, Ja Rule. DMX also invited Rule to record on his next album. Glad to be friends with DMX again, Ja Rule also invited DMX to record on his next albums. Nostalgic fans hoped Jay-Z would reach out and Murder Inc. would reunite.

Soon after making amends with Ja Rule, DMX admitted he still did not like Jay-Z, crushing the hearts of fans who wanted the old thing back. While he and Jay-Z have never been friends and probably never will be, X did admit to taking things too far. Currently behind bars, DMX apologized to Jay-Z for his comments because they were uncalled for. Swizz Beatz, the CEO of Ruff Ryders, is a friend of both rappers and he has had them on the phone together. A truce has been worked out and DMX agreed not to publicly diss Jay-Z again.


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