Friday, November 19, 2010

Duce Pound prepares their movement for the Next Level

By Mikey T The Movie Star
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Maybach Music has been a popular phrase, partially because of the Rick Ross song series. But, following the first "Maybach Music" song, Rick Ross decided to create a record label with the same name. Since that time, he has slowly been building a solid roster of artists. In the near future, they aim to make a run similar to the one made by Young Money late last year well into this year.

Currently, Duce Pound (which consists of Perle and Quise) have put out a new single, "Money in the Walls," which features Rick Ross and the Young Boys. The song has become very popular and is well on its way to becoming a hit. Ever since Rick Ross became a crossover hit, Duce Pound has been holding it down for the crew on the streets as they work towards making their crossover, which is right around the corner.

Recently, they sat down with Hip Hop Vibe's Mikey T The Movie Star and they spoke about their relationship with Rick Ross and with the other members of Maybach Music. They also spoke about their rise from Carol City, Florida.


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