Saturday, November 27, 2010

Swizz Beatz talks DMX legal problems and dismisses Jay-Z feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, Swizz Beatz opened up to the public about the ongoing problems of DMX. Ever since X first made it big in the game, Swizz Beatz has been right by his side. For the past few years, things have been rough for the Yonkers rapper, but he has always been able to count on Swizz Beatz.

Swizz Beatz said he has known DMX for a long time and his lifestyle is not new. Long before he ever made it big, DMX did the things he does now. But, because he is a celebrity, his lifestyle is put in the headlines. Swizz Beatz said legal problems for DMX is nothing new.

More than anything, Swizz Beatz feels as if DMX has been asking for help. Swizz has done everything he can to help his friend and will continue to. He hopes someone else will hear his pleas and do something to help the troubled rapper. But, until that time, Swizz Beatz will continue to defend him and help him bounce back.

For the past four years, DMX has been going back and forth with Jay-Z. On numerous occasions, DMX admitted he does not like Jay-Z. Despite what X has said, Swizz Beatz says there is no feud between the former partners in rhyme. The most-recent diss was the product of a misunderstanding and Swizzy promises the beef will be handled in a silent manner and they will be back to making music in no time. He said 2010 is here and it is time to put childish beef away now.


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