Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hip Hop Vibe's Artist of the Year: Eminem

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Eminem has been dominant for years, but he has never had a year quite like 2010. Last year, Eminem returned from a five-year hiatus and went platinum, but was still written off. Critics panned his singles, "Crack a Bottle" and "We Made You." They said he waited too long to make his comeback.

As if things could not get any worse for the rapper, he had a small dispute with Interscope Records over his album title. For 2010, Em wanted to record Relapse 2. But, they did not like the idea since he was a real recovering addict. Instead, Eminem was rushed into recovery, which led to Recovery.

When the spring came, Eminem released the inspiring lead single from the album, "Not Afraid." For the first time in his career, Eminem was not angry, not sober, and serious. He promised he would get better for those who cared for him and he even admitted Relapse was not his best album. The song debuted on top of the Billboard Hot 100.

In the middle of the summer, Eminem was on top of the charts with "Not Afraid" and he released the second single from Recovery, "Love The Way You Lie." As "Not Afriad" slipped, Eminem's Rihanna-assisted follow-up rose to the top of the charts. The song still gained significant airplay well into the fall of 2010 and still receives moderate radio play as the year is coming to a close. Eminem is currently dominating the winter season with his Lil Wayne-assisted single, "No Love."

Eminem has had years in which his albums sold more records and he has been the best-selling rapper years before. But, on the hip hop scene, Eminem has usually had to fight against other heavyweights. However, this year, Eminem defeated all of his competition. Lackluster years from Lil Wayne, T.I., and Kanye West left the game in the hands of Eminem. The fans loved the fact that Eminem was able to reinvent himself and still come with his traditional style.

Because of his dominance, Eminem has been selected as Hip Hop Vibe's Artist of the Year for 2010.


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