Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lil Wayne recalls his time in Solitary Confinement

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many people would love to trade lives with Lil Wayne. For the past four years, he has been the biggest rapper in the game. Each time he releases a song, it hits the top ten. Each time he releases an album, it goes platinum. But, Lil Wayne has gone through some rough times too.

Around this time last year, Lil Wayne was preparing to release his second album in just as many months. His songs were dominating the radio and he was the most-loved. Still, things could have been better for the Young Money front-man. Despite all of his success, he was heading to prison.

On the outside, there was no change. Lil Wayne's music still dominated the radio waves and his album was selling. But, it was his team enjoying the fruits of his labor. Lil Wayne was in solitary confinement in Riker's Island while fans counted the days until he was released. Now that he is out, Wayne talked about how rough it was for him spending the better part of seven months all alone.

After being caught with a watch, cell phone, MP3 player, and an iPod charger, things could have been much worse for Lil Wayne. But, he was fortunate enough to have an inmate take the wrap for him. Had he not, there would have been more prison time for Weezy. During his time behind bars, Lil Wayne read all kinds of books in order to educate himself outside of the rap world.


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