Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mack Maine talks "Tha Carter IV" pushback

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last week, Lil Wayne fans were hit with disappointing news. It was revealed the long-awaited Tha Carter IV was delayed, once again. Ever since 2008, Lil Wayne has discussed releasing the fourth edition of the Carter series.

Following the release of Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne decided to take a step back. Having already dominated rap, he wanted to make a different kind of album. Then, when he was sentenced to prison, he wanted to introduce his crew of artists.

In 2009, Lil Wayne released We Are Young Money and he promoted his Rebirth album. Due to the delays on those two albums, Wayne had to push Tha Carter IV to 2010. But, with him being behind bars, the album had to wait again.

Instead of releasing those tracks as Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne decided to give fans another album in the place of his fourth Carter album. For his second 2010 release, Lil Wayne gave fans I Am Not A Human Being. The album did well for Wayne to be behind bars when he released it. Now, with Lil Wayne free, he is working like a mad man to finally release Tha Carter IV.

Mack Maine, the president of Young Money, recently opened up on why Tha Carter IV is suffering its latest delay. When Lil Wayne first discussed his Carter III follow-up and the direction he intended to take with his next album, he said it would not be Tha Carter IV. Lil Wayne said that album would be one everybody liked.

Lil Wayne, according to Mack Maine, is taking his time in order to assure Tha Carter IV is an album that everyone likes. Due to his perfectionist nature, Wayne has decided to take his time with the new album.


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