Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soulja Boy opens up on Losses

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past year has been tough on Soulja Boy, as he has suffered various losses. Kat Stacks, a well-known groupie, who claims to have slept with all of Young Money, targeted Soulja Boy. She claimed to have had an affair with Soulja Boy. Stacks also said Soulja Boy was a drug addict.

For the most part, Soulja Boy ignored Kat Stacks and she eventually disappeared. Once she left him alone, Soulja Boy focused on completing his album, The DeAndre Way. Soulja Boy boasted of how this album would show his lyrical side. Along the way, he also dissed Lupe Fiasco.

When The DeAndre Way was released, Soulja Boy was shocked with the low album sales. This shock was nothing in comparison to the loss of his younger brother. His brother died in a car accident last month in Mississippi. Soulja Boy said it was the toughest thing he ever had to go through. He has taken some time off to process the grief.

Recently, Soulja Boy opened up on all of this loss and he credited 50 Cent with helping him sort with a lot of the pain. Even with the pain, Soulja Boy said he was blessed to be in a great position and he is going to continue to push through his pain and make good music.


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