Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Game secures August 23 release date for "The R.E.D. Album"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Two years of anticipation will finally come to an end in the middle of the summer. Four years ago, Game began working on L.A.X., saying it would be his final album. But, he had signed a contract, obligating him to one more album.

In January of 2009, Game announced his next studio album would be The R.E.D. Album. Game said he had hit a new lyrical peak on this new album. He also said he would not mention 50 Cent or Dr. Dre on the new disc.

All of this changed right before the December 2009 release of the album. Snoop Dogg helped reunite Game and Dr. Dre, which led to him coming back to Aftermath Entertainment. Dre soon began reworking The R.E.D. Album, pushing it back.

For over a year, Dr. Dre has been working on the album, having Pharrell also come in and do some work on the album. After the release of the first single, "Red Nation," with Lil Wayne, and a couple of other songs floating around the internet, Game finally has confirmation. He met with Interscope head, Jimmy Iovine and they put together an official release date for The R.E.D. Album on August 23 of this year.


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