Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lloyd Banks feels Game/Young Buck reunion is Impossible

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2004, G-Unit had taken over the radio waves, not just as a group, but as a record label. 50 Cent's songs from his debut album were still receiving radio play. Meanwhile, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck were posting hits.

The Game was intended to be the next artist from G-Unit introduced to the world. Originally, The Game was the protege` of Dr. Dre. But, for marketing reasons, he was placed with G-Unit.

On the outside, things appeared to be well within the G-Unit family, but beef was brewing. 50 Cent was angry with all of the members of the crew because they were not doing enough. On top of that, The Game began dissing 50 Cent.

Three years later, Young Buck revealed he had issues with 50 Cent and a new beef erupted. Soon, Buck teamed up with Game and they began new 50 Cent disses. G-Unit is now back to the original three, but the biggest artist is now Lloyd Banks. The former members have proposed reuniting, but Banks feels that ship has sailed.

Banks is no longer focused on G-Unit albums, instead he is focused on his own solo career. The way he sees it, Young Buck and Game made their decision, so they have to live with it.


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