Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sabu prepares "Quarter Party" single

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Focusing back on the music, Sabu is preparing to push his new music to the limit. While he stopped releasing music, Sabu has made it clear he did not stop recording. The rapper has music stored away from ten years ago that sounds relevant today. But, because times have changed, he wants to keep his music current.

Sabu has spent the past few months recording music for an album with the Cment Boot Music Group. While he likes all of the music and his contacts have liked the music, Sabu needed one song to introduce all of the others. After long discussion and debates, Sabu decided he wanted to release the project in 2011.

Instead of pushing an album out early in the year, Sabu chose to wait on releasing new music. Sabu decided to promote for his upcoming music with club events in his area of residence. Now, Sabu is preparing to release the "Quarter Party" single. Already, he has proclaimed it will be the anthem for the summer.

Each time Sabu has mentioned his new project, he said he needed to create the one undeniable hit for the summer. Once he recorded "Quarter Party," Sabu realized it was the song he was looking for. Be on the lookout for "Quarter Party" sometime before the end of this month and expect to hear more about Sabu.


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