Monday, June 13, 2011

Cment Boot Music Group: A Family Affair

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The timing was right, in the eyes of many, the hip hop game is in shambles. "Swag" has replaced quality lyricism and "the radio plays the same ten songs over and over." It was then when Sabu decided it was time to let these people know exactly who he is.

For those who are truly from the old school, they do not need a refresher on Sabu. Hailing from the South Bronx, he was there when hip hop was born. Working with such legends as Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force, Sabu is not new to the game.

When duty calls, duty calls, so Sabu made the decision to put music on the backburner to raise his family. Now, with his children all adults, Sabu feels it is time to introduce the world to the Cment Boot Music Group, one of the few, true, hip hop families. The future of Cment Boot lies upon the shoulders of 1-10, Panic, and Jaz, Sabu is confident they are all ready.

Despite having major industry connections, Sabu decided to build the Cment Boot Music Group from the ground up. He feels it is important to work for everything if you truly want it to last. Over the years, so many people have had major label deals are they are currently broke. With his children being involved, Sabu wants them to know the ins-and-outs of the business. Last month, they released their "Quarter Party" single and the song has become very popular online and on the club scene.

A little over a week ago, 1-10, Panic, and Jaz performed the single at Top Hat Lounge in Jacksonville, NC, wowing the crowd with their first performance. Looking on as a proud father, Sabu knows this is only the beginning, as he is preparing for a video shoot and a full album to come later this year. The next day, the family performed with Naughty by Nature. While he is preparing to pass the baton, Sabu is not quite finished, himself.

Sabu often talks of how much he loves hip hop and battling some of the younger rappers. Very rarely does he miss an opportunity to show the younger generation who he is. With Sabu reintroducing himself to the game, he wants to bring back to competitive edge of hip hop, leaving the nonsense behind. The new music from Cment Boot Music Group will bring fun back to the music industry. Each week, Cment Boot is featured on internet radio show, Zaiyah's House, another rising brand.

Right now, the Cment Boot Music Group name may not ring many bells. But, in a few months, Sabu is confident everyone will know who the Cment Boot family is.


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