Friday, June 24, 2011

Drake upset with Universal Motown over His Music

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Currently, Drake is putting together his second studio album, Take Care. His debut album, Thank Me Later, was a platinum success under Young Money/Cash Money. During the late 1990s, Cash Money Records signed an exclusive, long-term distribution deal with Universal Motown.

The deal did wonders for Birdman and Slim, the brotherly heads of Cash Money Records. In nearly fourteen years working with Universal Motown, both are worth well over $100 million. However, at times, artists under them have suffered.

Cash Money Records lost Juvenile and B.G., major power players in the early days, over unpaid royalties. In recent years, the label has had a strong comeback. One of the current major players is Drake and now he is upset, but not with Cash Money. Drake has beef with Universal Motown, as he prepares to put together his second album.

Even before he signed with Cash Money Records, Drake was becoming a favorite with the major radio stations. After he signed, Drake quickly became one of the most-played rappers in the game. Now, for some reason, Universal Motown has intervened and has been removing his songs from radio stations. Drake is highly upset about this and told the label to "stop fucking removing his songs." The Canadian sensation went on to say he makes his music for the people, not for Universal.


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